Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is my go-to breakfast almost everyday...especially nowadays with a three-week old newborn!!  Its quick, delicious and will fill you up!  I'm still sticking to decaf coffee (due to the booby feeding sessions), but I am dying for some good caffeine!! I have a number of vices, and coffee is definitely one of them.  I even recall having café con leche with my parents as a kid.  Coffee has always been a big part of our family times!  Its probably a latin thang! Whatever the reason is, I truly enjoy my cup of caffeinated coffee and the smell is divine. (Picture from literallyspoonful)
For now, keeping my baby well nourished comes first so caffeine will have to wait awhile longer.  
Speaking of baby noursishment...

I know this is highly contrroversial, but lets talk breastfeeding.  I remember when this Time article came out, I honestly did not have a strong opinion about it, now I am not afraid to say, I do not like breastfeeding very much!
While breastfeeding, I feel like I spend more time worrying about whether my baby is on right, eating enough, etc.  that I do not get to truly enjoy her.  I cannot believe the pressure that us Moms get in regards to breastfeeding.  During my stay at the hospital they pressured me so bad that it made me break down in tears.  My daughter ended up losing 10% of her birth weight which infuriated me!  I felt that if they would have let me supplement with formula from the get go then the 10% could have been avoided.  Instead they were up in arms about the 10% which made me feel worse.  Its absolutely ridiculous!  I ended up  voicing my opinion to everyone that walked into my room.  I kept my cool as much as possible, but it was hard.  My opinion is that parents should be making all the decisions when it comes to what/how they will be feeding their baby.  The medical community should not have a say in the matter unless it is a life or death situation, then tell me what to do!  Otherwise, it is my choice on what I feel is best for myself and my child. 
I have finally come to a point where I do not feel guilty to say that I am not 100% breastfeeding.   I completely understand the benefits and I do not need it explained to me for the millionth time.  I know what is right for me and my sanity...therefore, happy mom, happy baby!  My baby girl is getting fed (a lil boob, formula and expressed milk), she's happy, she's growing and she's sleeping! I am grateful to my husband who has supported me 100%.  In the end, I would say be open minded and try it all out, and when time comes to make the feeding decision follow your own instincts and do what is best for your baby and yourself!

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