Friday Favorites

Friday, April 20, 2018

What are you up to this weekend? Our social calendars have been jam-packed and I am in need of a quiet Saturday of rolling out of bed, fitting in a pedicure with a good book and nothing else.  Does anyone else feel like that? It may be an introvert thang. Until then, I have a women's potluck to cook and attend tomorrow. I think I am going to make these Chile Rellenos. Sunday we will be celebrating another birthday. The good thing about this party is these friends make us feel like it's okay to show up in our flip flops and take the load off! Aren't friends like that the best!? Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: Remember when you wanted what you currently have? -via parscaeli. Isn't this such a powerful reminder.  Every time I read this I realize I have so much more than I imagined and it makes me be that much more grateful. 
Favorite Outfit: Jacquard Ruffle Cuff Top -via Loft. I have been wearing this tee on our casual outings and received several messages saying this color looks great on me so I'm adding a few more mustardy yellow items to my closet. Old Navy has several items in this color as well. 
Favorite Food: Cucumber Roll-Ups -via Super Healthy Kids.  Now that April showers are hopefully coming to an end. Easy backyard dinners are on the horizon and these look delicious and easy enough to throw together.  
Favorite Trend: Bow Slide Sandals -via American Eagle.  Since this color seems to yield happiness in people why not put it on our feet too! Slides aka fancy flips are super trendy now-a-days so go get yourself some. 
Favorite Craft: Felt Ball Diffuser -via A Beautiful Mess.  I made this craft at my MOPS meeting this week and I absolutely love it. Ummm it smells so good.  I used Young Living's lavender, lemon and rosemary for a Happy pick me up. 
Favorite Book: Me (A Compendium) - via Amazon.  This is a fill in journal for kids that I am going to order for Luna.  She's always nosying around my journal so it is time to get her started.  I love that this one has prompts we can help our kids fill in. 
Favorite Music this week: Make Me Feel by Janelle Monáe (Clean edit).  I'm feeling this the Prince vibes.  Plus Janelle always emits cool vibes.