Friday Favorites

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Weekend! What are you up to this weekend? The weather is going to be beautiful.  I am looking forward to some outdoor exploring, and enjoying some Valentine's treats with my sweets. Hope you have a lovely weekend, and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: All you need is love (and like, a couple of million dollars).-via PureWow. I do believe all you need is love, and well...a million dollars wouldn't hurt! 
Favorite Dress: Poppies Shift Dress -via zoemiyorifujii. This dress would be great for date night, and it would look pretty dressed down with these flats
Favorite Gift: Meri Meri Paper Love Tokens -via Urban Outfitters.  These are sold out, but I found these printable ones for $1.95 that are equally cute.
Favorite DIY: Children's Binoculars -Ginger Snaps Blog.  These toilet paper rolls are a saving grace, and my toddler loves them
Favorite Accessory: Thin Gold Bangles -via VioletFly. I have had my eye on thin gold bangles.  I also like these in rose gold and this.  They are so simple, elegant and ladylike. 
Favorite Just Because: Breakfast in Bed is always a good idea, and if you have yet to get your love a gift, this is a win! (Photo via the Proper Blog)
Favorite Song of the Week: Fire We Make by Alicia Keys & Maxwell. This song is fire...and if you forgot the V-day gift, serve your love a drink and play this (enough said). 

P.S. MAS ~ Everyday is Valentine's Day with You.  Thank you for always making me feel like I am the only person in the room.  I love you. BABABABABA


Luna's 3rd Birthday Party

Monday, February 8, 2016

This weekend we celebrated Amelia Luna's 3rd birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.  Luckily my husband and I decided early on to skip the home party Pinterest craze and booked her party elsewhere which was a saving grace for me because I have been sick. Everyone mentioned that we were having her party on Super Bowl Sunday, but it turned out to be a fantastic idea because our party almost had the place to ourselves! The kids didn't have to wait for any games. They were in heaven. 

My parents were here from Southern California which made the weekend extra special! Here's grandma tying her dress (prom preparation). 
As for her cake, my girlfriend and I had intended on going all out with homemade sprinkles and all, but that didn't happen! Haha! So this grocery store cake to the rescue. Everyone thought I pre-ordered it, but nope this sprinkle beauty was behind the glass counter and came home with us an hour before the party. 
So much fun ensued...
Luna and daddy closed off the party with the ticket blaster and they won the big 1,000 ticket (due to daddy's ingenuity)!
When all else fails, let Chuck E. Cheese save the day! We partied hard and our baby girl had a blast.  We are blessed to be parents to such a wonderful daughter, and grateful to our friends and family that were able to celebrate with us. 

Friday Favorites

Friday, February 5, 2016

What are you up to this weekend?  My parents are here visiting for Luna's birthday, and I am grateful because I have been so darn sick. This weekend is going to be a combination of Nyquil and birthday parties--it shall be interesting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are this week's favorites...     

Favorite Quote: Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile-via a Semi-Delicate Balance.

Favorite Outfit: Reformation Skirt + Sneakers. Love this look to transition into Spring. 
Favorite Made me Laugh: Oh girl, you gotta just chill out for like 2 seconds -via Shop Bando.  This definitely spoke to me this week.  I was on high neurotic status!
Favorite Manicure: Yeah, Whatever nail wraps via Tattify. 
Favorite City: San Francisco, I love you via Toby Harriman tumblr.
Favorite Song of the Week: A little Otis...because we all need a little tenderness.

Letter to Luna - 3rd Birthday

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Three years ago today our lives changed when we were blessed with you, Amelia Luna. I know every mom says this at every age, but seriously I cannot believe you are three.  I still love to hold you in my arms like you are my little baby, even if you fight it off. 

There are so many things I am loving about the stage you are in, and here are some of my favorites:

when you laugh loud & hard 

when you call out for us in the morning in your sing songy tone

when you smile at yourself in the mirror because you like your outfit

when you are tired in the car you always ask Daddy to hold your hand 

when we yell It's time to start our day! every morning after we get ready

I also want to take this time to share some of the things you are totally into these days:

The color Purple is still your favorite. 

You love watching Sofia the First, Sesame Street, and America's Funniest Videos.

Your favorite song is Hotline Bling. 

Your favorite food is oatmeal, almond butter banana toast, pizza, frozen mango and Starbucks bakery treats. 

You love dancing (at home & going to dance class), running, doing yoga and going on family adventures

You are obsessed with your ballet shoes and hair accessories. 

Your favorite lovey is little lambie.   
Now that you are a threenager, please take it easy on mommy and daddy. We love you so much our little moon. 

You are my sunshine, my moonlight and everything in between and thereafter.

I love you, 

Thrift Store Haul + Current Reads

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Last week Luna and I went thrifting, and I had a goal in mind to look for dumbbells or kettle bells.  I read somewhere thrift stores are a great place to find workout gear. Here's what we came home with (I linked the current prices):

I am happy with everything I bought, and to be giving these things new use in our home. 

Besides the new thrift store books we are also reading a few other books.  I am currently reading, The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook, Faithful Place (I am going through a Tana French phase), Small Victories, and Running Like a Girl
Luna's current favorite books are The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbach Goes to School, Time to Pee! (she likes the book more than potty training!), Pepper & Poe, and Leonardo the Terrible Monster (she going through a Mo Willems phase). 

Friday Favorites

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hey guys! What are you up to this weekend?  I survived my week as a single stay-at-home mom, and I'm happily relieved my husband has returned from his business trip. Now, where's the wine?! I am looking forward to the three musketeers being together again. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget Monday we begin the #TPLFitFebruary challenge. Here are this week's favorites... 

Favorite Quote: Keep Laughing All Week via Design Love Fest. Lets just make it a point to laugh more plus it burns up to 40 calories in 15 minutes!
Favorite Flowers: Red Ranunculus via Style Me Pretty. A change of pace from traditional roses for Valentine's Day would be a nice surprise.  Think ranunculus, tulips or peonies.  
Favorite Mommy + Me: Yoko Mono Family Sock Set via Chatty Feet. These socks are the bee's knees.  Luna loves it when we match, and we both happen to like cute socks. 
Favorite Made Me Laugh: Gemma Correll's wine-drinking catLooks good to me! 

Favorite Etsy Find: Vintage Globe via Roberta Grove. In our house we love maps, and I am thinking it would be great to incorporate some globes in Luna's big girl room. The vintage light up globes are my faves. 
Favorite Cake: PB&J sandwich cake via Subtle Revelry.  This is so simple, and at the same time so magical.  
Favorite Song of the Week: Valio la Pena by Marc Anthony because it reminds me of my husband and its a hot salsa song.

February Fitness Challenge

Thursday, January 28, 2016

How is your New Year so far? What about those resolutions? I'm doing pretty good, and in order to keep my momentum, I am challenging myself to get my fitness on every day in the month of February.  Yes, every single day for 29 days.  It does not have to be a long run or a gym day, but can also be a walk, hula hooping, a dance off or whatever other kind of physical movement you can accomplish in the day. 

I will be tracking this challenge via my social media accounts (most likely Instagram), and will be using the hashtag #TPLFitFebruary. I would love it if you guys would join me on this challenge. 

Now, let's conquer this challenge! Beginning on Monday, February 1st, share your efforts by tagging your photos or tweets with #TPLFitFebruary. 

(Photo of Children at the Dorcas St State School in South Melbourne practice the novel art after the hoop reappeared in 1967.via the Herald Sun)