Friday Favorites

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July weekend! This weekend Luna and I will be nursing my husband back to health so we will be relaxing at home. There is no better place I would rather be! 

Here are today's Friday Favorites and a little Good Vibrations:

Favorite Quote: America! America!
Favorite Food lately: Crudite platter with hummus is perfect for these hot summer days. I make a platter for us almost daily and even Luna loves it! 
Favorite Toddler Swimsuit: SwimZip Star-Spangled Dots Short-Sleeve Rash Guard. I started following SwimZip (Betsy Johnson) after seeing her on Shark Tank, and when she listed this suit on sale on Instagram, I had to snatch it up for Luna. I am 100% convinced!  
Favorite Coloring Book: Splendid Cities coloring book is in my Amazon cart, and it looks beautiful. As I mentioned here, coloring is very therapeutic! 

Favorite Dress for Fourth of July: Stripe Mini Off-the-Shoulder Dress. I have been loving off the shoulder dresses.  Here is another favorite that comes in pink and navy in a much better price point too!
Favorite Treats: Zoku Mini Pop Molds for healthy smoothie popsicles. I am looking forward to trying these out. 
Now lets start our weekend, with my reminder of quintessential California 4th of July's! 

Mindful Monday: Kids Size, Weight & Development

Monday, June 29, 2015

A friend recently posted her feelings on comments she gets about her beautiful baby girl, and I related to her very much.  Luna was an almost 10 pound baby and according to the charts she continues to be big for her age. Since she was a baby I would get comments "wow she's a healthy girl" or "wow she's a big girl." Even some family members make comments every time they pick her up they say "wow she's so heavy..." 

Why are these comments acceptable? We do not go around making comments or comparisons at adults about their size, weight or development.  So why do adults think it is acceptable to make these comments about children? 

I realize babies do not understand yet, but their moms do and we do not appreciate it. We do not say anything because unlike you, we do not want to be rude. 

Now that my daughter is a toddler and absorbing so much, I am especially cautious of people's rude or outspoken comments.  Some people may not be making these comments out of malice, but it is not okay. 

You all may be thinking I am being an oversensitive, overprotective helicopter parent, but as an adult woman who still struggles with mind and body issues, I do not take it lightly.  I recall the comments said to me or about me by adults, and quite possibly if these comments would not have been said, I may have had a better chance at building a good self-esteem and now I am playing catch-up on building myself back up. 

Instead of making comments about a child's size, weight or development, how about saying something constructive or positive.  
Our responsibility as adults is to rise up children in order to help them become confident good people. Our job is not to take them down at the beginning of the race! 
For all you adults who cannot think of a nice thing to say, I can think of several words to say to you, but in an effort to be polite, here's a thought:

Friday Favorites

Friday, June 26, 2015

It's been in the 100's here--Yuck! My week has consisted of a lot of lego building, stickers, magformer creations and playing soccer indoors due to the crazy heat. Like I mentioned before I am not a fan of summer.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!

This weekend I plan to slip away for a manicure and pedicure, and some shopping for Luna's room. We are finally planning to transition her out of her crib, and into a big girl bed because its killing my back and its time! The remainder of the weekend will be spent outside in the early mornings and indoors the rest of the day.

Below are today's Friday Favorites: 

Favorite Quote: My Kitchen is for Dancing. Luna and I have a lot of kitchen dance sessions

Favorite Weekend To-Do: Coffee in bed is on my plan of action for Sunday morning. 
Favorite for Egg lovers: Baked Eggs with Asparagus sounds so good for those days when you don't feel like making a complicated meal for dinner. I love having eggs for dinner. 
Favorite Hair Inspo: Hairstyles for Busy Moms. I really like the one below since my hair is about the same length. 
Favorite Toddler Busy Book: Maps Activity Book is perfect for Luna. We recently discovered her love for maps
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here's a little music for some indoor dancing!

Library Haul + World Map

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This weekend was my monthly library trip and lots of Father's Day celebrations. As part of my husband's gift we gave him a World Map, and he chose to put it up in Luna's play area so all three of us can constantly look at it and plan our adventures.  The highlight of this gift has been her reaction. She loves the map! 

Below our the books I picked up for myself. As mentioned in this post, I am starting a new series of becoming a Tourist in my own Town, and the Fodor's Northern California book is for my research. I also have been hearing great things about The Smartest Kids in the World, and so far I understand the hype.  I am a bit of an Anna Quindlen fan and I am looking forward to reading Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake. Lastly, my current light readings have been Young Adult, and I'll Give You the Sun has great reviews. 
Luna's library books are Giraffes Can't DanceRosie Revere EngineerSteam Train Dream TrainDream AnimalsThe Little Engine That Could, and Dear Zoo. My favorites so far are Dream Animals and Giraffes Can't Dance. One of my favorite reasons to check out library books for Luna is it helps us narrow down which books we want to actually purchase. 
The biggest tip I can pass along for library trips with toddlers is to place books and videos on hold.  If Luna goes with me to the library, we can play in the toddler area, and I know we have a great selection of books on the hold shelf. 

Mindful Monday: You Are Enough

Monday, June 22, 2015

As many of you know, I am on an expedition to become my best self.  I am slowly learning that being my best self must also include acknowledgement of what I am not, letting go of resentments and taking responsibility for my faults.  There is no such thing as a perfect self or a perfect life.  At the end of the day what you and I must know is you are enough. 
There are days when worrying or the comparison trap get the best of me, but I am working on focusing on what is important to me.  

One of the lessons I have learned thus far is the importance of energy. We put so much time and effort on things that are impermanent or out of our control which causes us to waste a lot of energy.   Instead, we should constantly remind ourselves: You are enough

Top 5 Lessons I Learned From My Dad

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Being that tomorrow is Father's Day, I am dedicating this post to my dad.  

My dad is smart, opinionated, charismatic, and loving (in his own way). Growing up he laid down the law with my brother and I, but he always had his way of making us know how much he loved us.  I am so glad I appreciate him more now that I am an adult.  I realize now this parenting thing is not easy, and he is an amazing Dad. 

Here are the Top 5 Lessons I have learned from my dad:

1.  Never say I can't 

2.  There is nothing that cannot be fixed with communication.

3. Cooking for people brings joy!

4. If you are a law abiding citizen & stand out person, you will always garnish respect. 

5. The importance of education. 
*Lastly becoming a grandparent gives you so many do-overs!

Friday Favorites

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer heat is here, and in my efforts to not go nuts in the house with Luna, I am making it a point to plan more outings and enjoy lots of playdates.  This week we began our adventures of becoming tourists in our own town (Nimbus Fish Hatchery), and I feel inspired to discover more fun local outings.  

This weekend is Father's Day, and if you have yet to buy your husband or dad a gift, here is my Gift Guide.  Tomorrow Luna and I are planning a special day for my husband (which may or may not include his favorite breakfast of chorizo and eggs).  Sunday we are heading to my in-laws for a Father's Day celebration, and I am certain my mother-in-law is going to cook something delicioso!

To all the dads, grandpas, papas y abuelos---Happy Father's Day! Feliz Dia De Los Padres!

Here are this week's Friday Favorites and some daddy-inspired music.

Favorite Dad Quote: Liam Neeson on Taken said what every Dad wants to say!

Favorite Mom Meal: Birria--this is the meal my husband suggested to his mom for our Father's Day gathering. 
Favorite Summer Dress: Tulip back Denim Dress. I love wearing comfortable denim dresses, and this one has a little excitement in the back! 
Favorite Stem Toy: Magformers are an obsession in our home.  Luna builds homes for her stuffed animals, then tears them down, then back up. 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Here's a little Papa don't take no Mess!