Friday Favorites

Friday, February 24, 2017

What are you up to this weekend? I have some fun shopping to do, which I certainly cannot complain about.  I am in full conference preparation mode since I will be out of town next week, and the other fabulous news is we will be having a rain free weekend. My favorite days are sunny and cold.  Perfect. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites:

Favorite Quote: Choose kind over cool.  

Favorite Shoes: Franco Sarto Block Heel Lace-Up Sandals.  I purchased these to wear during my conference. They are surprisingly comfortable.  I like that the middle section can be loosened for us people with wider feet.
Favorite Beauty Product: Rosehip Facial Oil.  The one pictured below is one I found at TJ Maxx which works amazing.  Since TJ Maxx doesn't always carry the same products then I would definitely try the Acure brand which is linked above.   
Favorite Accessory: Who What Wear Black Satchel.  I just bought a classic black satchel to take with me to the conference as well, and if it has a crossbody strap even better!

Favorite Must-Have: Bkr  water bottle or any water bottle. Anyone who knows me, knows I carry a water bottle with me every where I go.  Last year, when I carried my bottle around the conference everyone kept telling me "I should've brought a bottle too!" Never leave home without a refillable water bottle.  Especially at conferences where its go go go and staying hydrated is a must. 
Favorite Manicure: Kiss Gel Ready-to-Wear Nails.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned these before, but since I always get asked about them, here are they are. Whenever I do not have time to paint my own nails (ummm hello mom life) or no time to go to the nail salon, these nails are beautiful, they last me a long time and are only $8 bucks. 
Favorite Song of the Week: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham! This is Luna's next recital song so it has been on replay in our house.  

Lendy Lately

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How's your week going so far?  As you can see I am having a much better week. I have been catching up with chores (mostly lots of laundry), clearly enjoying mama and Luna time and catching up with friends because last week's dental fiasco took me completely out of the game.  It's good to be back. Being in recovery gave me the green light to catch up on some reading and TV binging.  It was painful, but nice--if that makes any sense. Here's what else I have been up to lately...

We recently went to Disney on Ice, and it blew us away! Disney--you always have a way of sweeping us away with your magic. Totally worth it. My only suggestion would be to dress the kids up in Disney gear you already own and let them take a Disney toy from home this way you don't have to make any unnecessary purchases.  

I will be traveling next week so I am in full preparation mode.  I have made my packing list, outfits, and re-read this post about on How to Prepare for a Creative Retreat.

We have been watching the Santa Clarita Diet. At first, I clicked on it because I love Drew Barrymore (Isn't she everyone's dream friend!?). When we watched the first episode, my husband and I both thought what the heck is this, but then we couldn't stop laughing. Warning: If your are not into weird and bloody, this show may not be for you.

I am reading The Trespasser and it is a serious page turner, and I'll admit another of my guilty pleasures is reading this magazine every month. 

I have been sneaking off to my local Thrift Town because I am in search of all white dinnerware similar to these.  It is also a great place to find Disney tees and so much more. I bought Luna this Disney Princess tee and a few others for 70 cents each. I haven't posted a thrift store haul in awhile, but here is my last one. 

We reorganized our office to suit my work-at-home needs (special thanks to my awesome husband). A trip to The Container Store is about to go down.  I like this clear desk collection and this monitor riser is beautiful. 

Friday Favorites

Friday, February 17, 2017

What are you up to this weekend? I am feeling a lot better after an emergency trip to the dentist.  No fun at all!  I'm so glad that is over with and I am on the mend.  It is going to be another rainy weekend here, so indoor activities it is.  We are hoping to get last minute tickets to Disney on Ice, which is going to blow Luna's mind. Hope you have a nice weekend, and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: Life is too short, smile while you still have teeth. Seriously! This made me laugh so hard! Take it from a person who just had a tooth extracted and cried like a baby to lose a tooth, but I never stopped smiling! 

Favorite Show: Z: The Beginning of Everything. As I mentioned, I have been down and out, so I've had time to binge watch this show and its good.  
Favorite Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens.  I have been eyeing clogs for awhile now. I am still on the fence whether I am a clog girl or not, but they sure do look comfy. One of my mommy friends rocks these like nobody's business, and they look so chic on her.  
Favorite Recipe to Try: Seared Scallops with Cauliflower Pureé. Scallops are sensitive little suckers, but when cooked properly they are delicious! 
Favorite Accessory: J.Crew Dipped Enamel Earrings. I am normally a studs kinda girl, but now that Luna is older, I wouldn't mind a new pair of hoops.  These are really pretty. 
Favorite Book: The Trespasser by Tana French.  By now you guys know I am a huge Tana French fan, and her latest book does not disappoint. I am not to far in and I am already entrenched.  
Favorite Song of the Week: Faith from the movie Sing - Ariana Grande & Stevie Wonder. I'll admit I like it too...

Friday Favorites

Friday, February 10, 2017

What are you up to this weekend? It's our first weekend of having no plans in awhile, so I am looking forward to relaxing, and a taking a walk along the river since we are supposed to get a break from the rain.  I think I'll sneak off to get my loves a little something for Valentine's day because if you don't know, I love Love! Here's are some posts to prove it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: Love is the closest thing to Magic, and dancing with my family... 
Favorite Bucket list: Amtrak Cascades travel through the Pacific Northwest with some glorious views. 
Favorite Outfit: Red Floral Dress + Jean Jacket -via Collage Vintage. This is a cute casual Valentine's Day outfit. Here's a similar dress
Favorite Book: The Confidence Code is on my must-read list.  Has anyone read this?!

Favorite Decor: Amsterdam Loft -via Airows. The greenery in this home is everything.  I have started my corner of greenery in our dining room and I want it to look like this. 
Favorite Dessert: Raw Mixed Berry and Vanilla Bean Cheesecake-via Downtshiftology. Doesn't this look delicious! I am not big on baking, but a girl can dream. 
Favorite Song of the Week: Love On Top -Beyoncé

Lendy Lately

Thursday, February 9, 2017

February has been rainy and it started off with a bang.  Luna's birthday celebration went great, my parents have headed back home to Southern California and I have officially become a work-at-home mom.  I landed a job with a fantastic law firm in San Francisco, and I am excited for this new venture. I have also been trying to balance all the politics without letting it kill my mojo.  It's been tough---right?! Now more than ever, I think we should focus on our blessings. Here's a little of what I've been up to lately...

I have been watching The Bachelor (don't judge--it's a great escape!). This chick is hilarious

This lightweight tunic has been part of my work-at-home wardrobe.  It's so soft and versatile and its only $20 bucks.  I have already washed it and it actually kept its shape.

I have been cooking a lot of acorn squash. Here's a recipe similar to what I used.  This week I am making it enchilada style. Yum! 

I am playing catch-up with all my podcasts, and this episode of Super Mamás regarding money was very informative.  

We bought Luna this ukelele for her birthday and she hasn't stopped playing it ever since. Some days its a soft song and other days its full on rock star. 

I am already in full planning mode for our family vacation this year, and I use the Qapital app to help set money aside.  

This tweet made me laugh.  

Luna's 4th Birthday Party

Monday, February 6, 2017

This weekend we had Luna's 4th Birthday party at Fliptastic, and she had a blast. I was busy enjoying the fun and only captured a few photos, but that means it was a good party! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our little girl. 

Friday Favorites

Friday, February 3, 2017

What are you up to this weekend? As I mentioned here, today is Luna's birthday. Our weekend already started and we are treating to all her favorite things.  Tomorrow we are having a party for her at this cool place, so I am certain she is going to have a blast.  Sunday we also have a party to attend so our whole weekend is basically going to be one big birthday celebration.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Dress: Magnolia Blooms Floral Dress . I still have Spring dresses on the brain, and this one is really pretty. 
Favorite Home Decor: Threshold Artificial Planter.  I have been wanting some greenery in our dining room, but real plants just did not seem like the best fit for us.  So I bought my first artificial plant, and I am loving it. 

Favorite Book: Inside Sacramento. The title speaks for itself its a book about Sacramento, and even though I have lived in this area for seven years now, I still feel like a tourist.  
Favorite Hair Product: Schwarzkopf Omega Repair Leave-In. This product was sent to by by Schwarzkopf, but they did not pay me to say this--this product is the bomb! 

Favorite Fun: Ridley's Game Room Chinese Checkers. After listening to the girls at the Super Mamas podcast rave about their new Chinese checkers addiction, I am planning to order this one. 
Favorite Song of the Week: All of Me...because recently it played on the radio and Luna said mom I really like this song :) and today is her day! I love you baby!