Tuesday Tip: Don't be a Killjoy

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On most days, I am all positive vibes, but I also have those days where I can be a bit of killjoy (especially to myself).  Whether you tend to kill your own joy or others joy, don't do it.   Life is way to short.  Instead of being a killjoy, be an uplifter. 

Motherhood: Switch-Up Your Routine

Monday, May 23, 2016

During the fall and winter, I find it much easier to get out of the house so in an effort to keep a good momentum in the coming hot days, I have started a new routine of scheduling our outing days.  As a mom, it can be so easy to fall into a rut by doing the same things over and over again.  Now we get out of the house on our outing days, even if, all we do is go on a go on a smoothie run.  I love when Luna asks about our daily plans in the morning, and she looks forward to our outings, as well as, our chill home days.  

Friday Favorites

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hey Guys! What are you up to this weekend? We have no big plans which is nice for a change.  I am looking forward to lazying around the house with my husband and Luna. Slow weekends are priceless. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: Dancing is a Happy elixir--Drink up! We do A LOT of dancing in our house! 
Favorite Accessory: Straw Tote -via Target.  I really like this J. Crew tote, but I don't like the price for a seasonal bag.  Luckily for us Target never disappoints! 
Favorite Made me Laugh: Adios Mercury Retrograde! According to my favorite horoscope, Mercury's annoying retrograde is coming to an end. 
Favorite Beauty: Heritage Store Rosewater -via Thrive Market.  I use this spray on a daily and absolutely love it.  I use it to refresh my face, hair and body, as well as spray a little on Luna when she wants "perfume." 

Favorite Flowers: Peonies -via Trader Joes.  Its peonies season at Traders and for $6.99 you can come home with these beauties
Favorite Book: The Skin Type Solution -via Amazon.  This book is the bomb-diggity! I've been having issues with my skin ever since having Luna which includes dryness and rosacea, and this book is super informative. The best part is you take a test which helps you figure out your exact skin type and then she provides you with low, mid and high range products to use for your skin type.  
Favorite Song of the Week: P.Y.T. Michael Jackson.  This always gets me dancing. 

Motherhood: Adaptability

Monday, May 16, 2016

There are so many facets to being a mother.  One thing is certain motherhood forces you to adapt. 

Since becoming a mom I constantly surprise myself with the depths of my strength, and how quickly I adapt.  There are so many things I did not fathom.  Who knew I could push out an almost 10 pound beautiful baby.  Who knew I could thrive without my family living nearby.  Who knew I could summon the patience of a Buddhist monk or who knew I would become this domestic goddess. 

In motherhood, the surprises keep coming and adaptability is key.  With every milestone they overcome, we surprise ourselves that we overcame them as well.  I think being a parent is synonymous with being adaptable.  

No matter what season of motherhood you are in, the quicker we learn to adapt the easier it gets.   

Friday Favorites

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hey Guys! What are you up to this weekend? We have a busy weekend ahead with ballet class, recital photo session and we are heading to the Central Valley for my mother-in-law's birthday celebration.  My husband was gone for a few days on a business trip so I am looking forward to tonight's in-home date night.  A little chirashi and a glass of this sauvignon blanc may be necessary. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: I save my carbs for wine.  It's called 'priorities.'-Carrie Bradshaw
Favorite Outfit: 25 Ways to style the classic stripes pattern.-via StyleCaster.  I already have a vest similar to this so I am on the lookout for a comfy striped dress. 
Favorite Recipe to try:  Snap Peas + Cashew Hummus -via Snixy Kitchen. Hummus and snap peas is one of Luna's favorite snacks so I think amping it up adult style would be delicious. 
Favorite Flick: East Side Sushi. I have been waiting for the release of this for what feels like forever.  As soon as I received the notification from Redbox that this was in, I headed straight there.  
Favorite Accessory: Kanken Mini Backpack -via Nordstrom.  I am finally downsizing my backpack! I currently use this large Herschel backpack, but now that Luna is almost completely potty trained I do not have to carry as much.  The great thing about this mini is that once Luna goes to school she can wear it.  I'm thinking ahead. 
Favorite Scent: Botanical Mini Perfumes -via Good Medicine Beauty Lab.  When I am out in about with Luna I like to wear natural scents.  I usually reach for this rosewater spray which I love, but I feeling like its time to mix it up.  These minis would be a great way to test some new scents out. 
Favorite Song of the Week: Can't stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake.  Obvi that Luna & I are loving this happy song.  


Napa (with kids)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day my husband surprised me with day trip to Napa. A planned outing which eliminated my tendency to overthink was the best gift ever (Thank you babe).  

Our first stop was to Oxbow Public Market which I recommend (especially if your kids are in tow).  They have a variety of restaurants and shops, and great outdoor seating. As well as a nice walking path along the riverfront. 
We had a relaxing and delicious lunch at the Kitchen Door.  (Tip: Luna's cubebot always garnishes attention, its easy to carry in my tote and it keeps her entertained.  The cubebot can also hold my iPhone perfectly. It is one whole piece so no little pieces at the bottom of my bag.)
On our way to our next stop we ran into Luna Vineyards. This vineyard is not kid-friendly, but they were still welcoming to Luna playing outside while I went in and purchased a bottle of wine.  Come on what mom doesn't want a bottle of wine with their kids name.  
Castillo di Amorosa was our next stop.  It has many memories for us so going back with Luna was extra special.  We did not think it was worth paying for the tour with a toddler, especially because walking around the castle's open areas and petting zoo is exciting enough. 
On our way out of Napa we always stop at V. Sattui for food to take home.  They have great deli and picnic area. We actually just bought our food and took it with us.  Our plan was to stop mid-way and have dinner on the road.  A trunk picnic always makes Luna happy!  
This was a perfect day, and it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes "collect memories, not things."

Friday Favorites

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day weekend! What are you up to this weekend? My husband has a few things up his sleeve so I am not sure what we are doing this weekend.  Whatever it is, as long as I am with him and Luna, I will be complete.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: Be the person that makes others feel special.  Be known for your kindness and grace.-via Pinterest
Favorite Beauty: MyChelle Hydrating Mist -via Amazon.  I tested this out at my local Sprouts and it made my face feel amazing.  
Favorite Wanderlust: Lake + a book -via Landetliv. Looks dreamy to me! 
Favorite Recipe to Try: Paleo Jicama Tacos -via The Paleo Paparazzi.  These spicy sausage tacos look so good.  They remind me of these at Lolo in San Francisco.  

Favorite Accessory: Horoscope Pin Set -via The Loft
Favorite Thrift store Find: Bailey's vintage sugar bowl (set) -via VestedInterest. I found the cute sugar bowl below at my local thrift store for 99 cents, and I cannot wait to plant a little succulent. 
Favorite Song of the Week: Until the end of time by Justin Timberlake