Mindful Monday: Blog & 2015 Goals

Monday, January 5, 2015

This year my goals include to blog more.  I love blogging, but I do not do it as often as I would like because I end up over-thinking my content.  I read many blogs with beautiful content and photos, and I cannot help but compare myself/my blog, and then I get discouraged. Therefore, I have decided to focus on blogging for myself, and if in the meantime, I get some loyal followers that would be wonderful and if not, at least I know I am being true to myself. 

Mondays will be Mindful Monday, and will include any motivations, thoughts, life lessons, books and anything that feeds my soul. I look forward to providing you all with some great content. 

Including my goal of blogging more, here are my 2015 goals:

Create and go on more adventures with Luna

My family and I will watch no television from Monday through Thursday. For now, this does not include our iPad use (because in all honesty--sometimes Peppa Pig episodes save the day! No judgement please).

I plan to get myself on a schedule.  I will go to bed and wake-up at the same time everyday

I will continue my weight loss journey.  Early on I decided to try and not focus on a certain number on the scale or a specific size.  My goal is to reach a healthy BMI

During the two weeks of holiday time at home, my husband and I started working on our goal of organizing our home.  We cleared out our closets, Luna's toys, and our garage. My goal this year is to stay organized and have a place for everything!

We have been doing an envelope budget system for a few months now, and my goal is that we continue with it and stay on budget!

The no television during the week is definitely going to help my goal to spend more quality time with my husband.  Along with making better use of our evenings, I also plan to schedule more date nights this year! 

I am a big dreamer and I'll admit sometimes I live on Pinterest or reading blogs, and love to plan vacations, but we have a hard time actually going on vacation.  This year we will plan and go on vacation, as well as get us on an airplane with Luna for the first time!  

What are you goals/intentions for this new year?

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