Mindful Monday: Self-Motivation

Monday, February 2, 2015

Are you self-motivated?  I know I'm trying to be. 
Many times we rely on external influences to motivate ourselves, but after all this searching all it took for me was to really look at myself in the mirror.  For the first time ever, I took a gym mirror selfie (yup, I went there).

When I looked back at this photo, I was actually proud of how far I have come. I am a healthy woman who is slowly becoming comfortable in her own skin for the first time in my life.  I have changed my outlook (positive thoughts=positive vibes=positive life).  I am the heart of my little family, I not only feed their souls, but I also feed them healthy meals. Lastly, like many people I have overcome many heartaches and lessons in my thirty-something years (growing up with a crazy brother, who like a cat has 9 lives, almost losing my mom to a violent crime, self-esteem issues, living away from family, health issues and a late miscarriage). 

“If you think you can grasp me, think again:
my story flows in more than one direction
a delta springing from the riverbed
with its five fingers spread” 

My motivation to work on becoming my best self came from within--nobody or nothing propelled me to change, but myself. 

I am not saying I do not have days I need to hear motivation from my husband, family or friends, but I have discovered my best actions and decisions have been self-motivated. I am at my best when I muster up my own motivation and decide it is time.

I want all of you to become self-motivators! Here are some tips to get you started:

* Be willing to leave your comfort zone. 

*Choose to be happy. One of my mantras is "Trick yourself before you wreck yourself." 

* Spend at least one hour a day in self-development. 

* Finish what you start

* Do not hold back on LOVE! 

* Practice positive affirmations.

I hope my self-motivation journey inspires you to look within yourself.  


  1. Thank you I enjoyed reading this just like all your other blogs. Thanks for putting things in perspective.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Suzy! xoxo

  3. A great reminder for us all to look within and empower ourselves. Keep up
    The good work x