Library with Luna

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our trips to the library are always so much fun. On this morning, Luna kept repeating over and over again, "going to the library!" 

These days Luna wants to be right next to me all day everyday! My husband tried to keep her in the children's section, but instead I could here her saying "Mama where are you?" So she ended up hanging with me while I searched for some books. 

I did not have much time to look so I went down the aisles to find some authors that came to mind.  I am especially looking forward to reading The Secret History and the graphic novel, Relish

Okay time to head back to the children's section..

She chose one of her favorites, Say Hello Like This, which has come home with us several times.

Here's Luna's stack of books. 

I love that Luna has gotten accustomed to going to the library, and is definitely becoming a book lover like her Mama and daddy. Good times.

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