Mindful Monday: Slow Down

Monday, April 27, 2015

I have an admission to make...I have a hard time slowing down. 

On the days when my husband stays with Luna so I could have some "me time," it never fails that I try to accomplish a million things while I am out and about.   I always want to take advantage of my freedom by taking care of errands and groceries instead of taking the time for myself.  To the Mamas out there--do you feel the same way?

This weekend I took part in Relay for Life, and initially I didn't see it as "me time," but once I was on the track looking up at the big clouds, alone with my thoughts, I realized how much I need to slow down and take time to enjoy myself.  I focus so much on creating happy memories for my daughter and making my husband happy, that "my time" easily becomes about them.

I have decided it is time to be more mindful with my free time. I have yet to figure out a method, but I am considering actually noting it on my calendar.  

I hope my reminder benefits you as well. I would love to hear if you have any tips on how you make the best of your down time.  

This week's mindful tip is to simply Slow Down. Click on this link to Irene Victoria's inspirational wallpaper/printable.  This is my current iPhone wallpaper and its a great reminder for all of us. 


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