Fatherhood Series - Brennen Cull

Monday, June 15, 2015

As you all know, Father's Day is on June 21st, therefore, I wanted to give dads a voice too. I asked several fathers a series of questions in order to get their thoughts on work, life and family balance. I am ecstatic to share their responses. 
Brennen Cull is married to his beautiful wife, Amber, and father to three, Emily, Ethan and Sofia (and baby on the way!).
Tell me about your work and how you handle work/life balance:

For the last 7 years I have been a youth minister in the Diocese of Sacramento, as well as having the opportunity to travel throughout the country giving talks at different churches and youth events. However, I am currently transitioning into a new career, that career remains unknown! (Congratulations on your new job Brennen!)

Balancing work and family time, as well as personal time is an ongoing struggle. Some months I am better at it than others. As a youth minister, I found myself readily available for the teens I served. I want them to know I am always here for them. However, my wife has helped me better understand my need to "unplug" to turn my phone off, to get back to them later, and to be more present to my family when I am home. I am always much more at peace when I do "unplug" because my true joy and happiness is being a father and husband. 

What are your thoughts on married life now that you are juggling life and fatherhood?

I try to nurture love and support in my marriage. My wife knows that she is my favorite person in the world. My kids know that my wife is my best friend. Keeping that in mind is important. Nobody wants to disappoint or hurt their best friend. I try to love my wife the way Christ loves me so our marriage can be a witness to the world as to how God loves. I don't always succeed at this, but I love my wife with all my heart and I think she knows that!

Tell me about your thoughts on being dad and what you enjoy most?

I love time with my kids. I am the wrestling and tickling dad. There is no better sound in the world than hearing the little ones scream my name as they see me walking up to the house. I try to be very present to them. I am also all about the daddy time. Grocery store trips with my son, or doughnut dates with my daughter, I love having some one on one time with the little crazies!

How/when do you take time for yourself?

As for "me time," I really enjoy getting out and playing some golf. Its not always convenient for my family, so I am learning how to find "me time" without abandoning my family on what little free time i have .

My wife and I have recently gotten into CrossFit. This has become a great way for us both to have some "me time" while at the same time helping us be healthier and more active parents. 

At this point in your Fatherhood journey--What is your Best lesson learned?

At this point in my fatherhood journey the biggest lessons I have learned is to pick your battles, laugh a lot, always tell your daughters how beautiful they are, and a steady mix of wrestling and cuddling is good for a son!

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