Tourist in my Town: Gather Nights

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Last Thursday we headed to Gather Nights in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento. There website says its a night of community and culinary delight, and they are right. 

As you all may know, I lean towards eating Paleo, and therefore, my family and I ate a light dinner before heading out because I was not sure if they would have any healthy options. Though we did leave room for a light snack/dessert. So if you are on a budget or are not sure if you want to eat there, it is definitely worthwhile. They have a DJ playing great music, cute dogs, lots of people watching and a variety of food options. We are already planning to attend their next gathering on Thursday, August 13th. 

Luna and I were happy girls to be out on the town! 
It was crowded with lots of young families and hipsters. Plus the music was on point!
These two did not waste any time eating up their Daves Pops (ice cream without the cream--Ahmazing!).  We also enjoyed some yummy healthy treats from the Granola Girl food truck. 
We ended the night out with an obligatory family selfie! 

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