Mindful Monday: Be Good to Yourself

Monday, September 7, 2015

I was reading Flow magazine, and it featured Ruby Wax, a British television interviewer. She provided several mindfulness lessons she has learned along the way. I especially loved her lesson on being good to yourself. 
"Only eat things you like to eat and fill your life with things you enjoy.  Surround yourself with real friends, but if having too many visitors stresses you out, stop inviting them over for dinner all the time.  How can you have a good conversation when you're stressing about your cooking skills? Just go to a restaurant! And don't force yourself to visit other people all the time; it takes energy to adapt to other people's lifestyles."

As I get older, and learn to be more mindful, I am learning to just be myself and to be happy with whatever my reality is.  Our energy is worth gold, and we need to learn to be more mindful on how we use it.

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