Motherhood: Winter Plan + Leaf Crowns

Monday, November 23, 2015

I recently read this mom's winter plan, and got on board. My plan is to get Luna and I outside as much as possible this fall and winter.  Admittedly, we did not get outside very much during summer because the heat is not my friend. Fall and winter are my time to shine, and I am looking forward to our outdoor adventures.  

Luna and I bundled up because even though the sun was shining it was cold and windy. I told her we were going to gather leaves, and we would make something fun. Of course, she loved this idea.  

I threw together a quick craft session by cutting strips of card stock, whatever shiny stickers I could find and a glue stick. We made leaf crowns which turned out a lot cuter than I expected.  Hint: These crowns would be perfect to keep kids entertained on Thanksgiving, and they could wear them at the table. How cute would that be! 

What are your winter plans? Any tips on staying warm? I will say this, our Hunter boots are the best winter investment ever! 

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