February Fitness Challenge

Thursday, January 28, 2016

How is your New Year so far? What about those resolutions? I'm doing pretty good, and in order to keep my momentum, I am challenging myself to get my fitness on every day in the month of February.  Yes, every single day for 29 days.  It does not have to be a long run or a gym day, but can also be a walk, hula hooping, a dance off or whatever other kind of physical movement you can accomplish in the day. 

I will be tracking this challenge via my social media accounts (most likely Instagram), and will be using the hashtag #TPLFitFebruary. I would love it if you guys would join me on this challenge. 

Now, let's conquer this challenge! Beginning on Monday, February 1st, share your efforts by tagging your photos or tweets with #TPLFitFebruary. 

(Photo of Children at the Dorcas St State School in South Melbourne practice the novel art after the hoop reappeared in 1967.via the Herald Sun)

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