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Friday, January 8, 2016

What are you up to this weekend? Tonight instead of our traditional in-home date night of takeout and a movie, we our enjoying a bottle of wine (because we're giving up drinking until summer) and making our 2016 vision boards. The remainder of the rainy weekend will be filled with ballet lesson, grocery shopping and relaxing.  Hope you have a great weekend and here are this week's favorites...   

Favorite Quote: Laugh till your stomach hurts -via Vaporqualquer. This year I want to laugh and have fun even more than the last! 
Favorite Home Decor: Blue toned art prints - via  I have always wanted to add more blue tones to our home, and these prints are soothing. 
Favorite Planner: Erin Condren 2016 Geode planner-via Staples. I have always wanted to order a fancy planner, but I am not much of an online shopper so I was happy to find this one at my local Staples.  
Favorite Wine: Relax Riesling is my favorite wine to give as a gift, because the label speaks for itself.  Coming from a mom who is in the potty-training trenches, if you know a mom who is potty-training, hook her up with this wine
Favorite Manicure: Teal & Blue Mani-via Refinery 29 was featured last Spring, and I think it is still a beautiful color combo to try this Spring. 
Favorite Sweater: Teal Blue Cuddle Sweater-via LuLu's. Since we're still in the midst of wintery rainy days, this sweater is cozy and would add a little color to your outfit.  
Favorite Song of the Week: La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong.  While I am making dinner and into the evenings I like to listen to the Dinner Party Radio station on Pandora. 

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