Motherhood: Seasons

Monday, February 15, 2016

I recently read this post, and it basically summed up my own theory on motherhood.  I believe there are seasons in motherhood when we are great and some when we are not so great.    

For me the infant season, is not my season.  When my daughter was a baby, I was a spaz and had lots of anxiety. I was never a baby person prior to having my daughter, and as you can imagine, it was an awakening.  I know moms, who are like baby whisperers.  When their kids are babies they glow and have a certain ease about them. You know, those moms that look like their baby is a part of their body. Yup, not me.   Don't get me wrong, I tried my best, but I was grateful when the season changed.
My daughter is now three, and I am thriving this season. I love to read to her, teach her new things, go on adventures and explore the depths of her imagination.  It's my time to shine. 

Abundantmama put it like this: 
The “I got this” season.
This season is really pretty awesome but it’s also pretty fleeting so I love to really savor this one. This is the season that leaves me with a certain skip in my step. Everything just seems easy, it flows and there are few hiccups in our days. Positive energy and motivation just seems to come naturally to me. To experience this season is a treat but to know it when it’s happening is a true gift of motherhood.
As a mom, I find it is easier to embrace my ineptitudes knowing these seasons will come and go, and hopefully I can help my daughter go through her own seasons with this in mind. 

What about you? What's the season (age) you are good at?

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  1. You though you thought you were a spaz, but you weren't! You were and continue to be an exemplary mom to our baby girl! I enjoy every minute with both of you! babab