Motherhood: Luna-isms

Monday, June 20, 2016

Growing up I used to watch Sabado Gigante with my parents, and the kids series was hilarious.  If you aren't a savant of the Spanish language, it was similar to the Kids Say the Darndest Things show. Here are few funny and insightful Luna-isms as of late:

Luna (came in to wake me at 5:45 a.m.)
Me: Are you going to help me up?
Luna: No mom, you need to help yourself. 

Me: Are you going stinky poop?
Luna: My poop doesn't stink.  It smells like lavender. 

Luna: I'm going to work. 
Me: Where do you work?
Luna: At Amazon. 
Me: What do you do there?
Luna: I work with smart people. 

Me: Please eat your lunch baby.
Luna: Mom I can't eat it yet.  You forgot to put broccoli on my plate. (Put me in check!)

Me: What are you doing? (while she was getting into something...)
Luna: Be calm mom. 
Me: Okay
Luna: Remember your favorite word. Be calm. 
Me: Okay you're right. 
Luna: Be chill mom...  

Me: You're so pretty. 
Luna: No I'm not. 
Me: You're not?
Luna: No, I am beautiful. 

By the way, I read these to her and she said, I am so funny! Love her. 

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