L.A. + Santa Monica

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We recently returned from our road trip to Los Angeles which was primarily to see friends and attend the Super Mamás social.  I will be doing a follow-up post regarding the social itself, but in one word it was fantastic.  After the social, we used this time to disconnect. We ordered lots of room service and spent our time at the pool.   

We stayed at The L.A. Hotel Downtown which was a great location because it was a short distance to the location of the event.  It was our first time staying there, and we were really happy with our experience. 
On Sunday, we got back on the road. We decided to wing it and find somewhere to stay near the beach.  We headed to Santa Monica where we knew Luna would have a blast. After a few snaps on the pier the remainder of our trip was all down time. Take me back!

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