The Art of Diversion

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I am an over thinker by nature, and every time I make an error in judgement, over speak or make a simple mistake whether personally or professionally, I mull it over and over in my head. I have read several recommendations like questioning whether the situation will affect me in the long run. I find questioning myself makes matters worse. The questioning will quickly turn into a spiral of what-ifs.

My best tool to fight off an over-thinking attack is diversion. I realize if it works like magic for kids, then we should take note. When Luna is upset over some random thing like the glitter glue taking forever to dry, the best thing to do is divert her attention to something else. On most occasions, this works like magic.

I have learned the art of diversion works for me as well. My favorite diversions are kitchen dancing with Luna or doing whatever silly thing she requests of me, rearranging a room, listening and dancing to salsa music with my husband, going for a scenic drive and listening to funny podcasts (Unqualified or Writing Class Audio Ep. 23).

After I divert my thinking and say I am sorry when warranted, focusing my energy on things that bring me joy, helps me realize I am human and I make mistakes. The diversion reminds me, there are too many important things to be grateful for.

Do you have any tips to fight off over-thinking? I would love to hear them.

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