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Friday, February 24, 2017

What are you up to this weekend? I have some fun shopping to do, which I certainly cannot complain about.  I am in full conference preparation mode since I will be out of town next week, and the other fabulous news is we will be having a rain free weekend. My favorite days are sunny and cold.  Perfect. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites:

Favorite Quote: Choose kind over cool.  

Favorite Shoes: Franco Sarto Block Heel Lace-Up Sandals.  I purchased these to wear during my conference. They are surprisingly comfortable.  I like that the middle section can be loosened for us people with wider feet.
Favorite Beauty Product: Rosehip Facial Oil.  The one pictured below is one I found at TJ Maxx which works amazing.  Since TJ Maxx doesn't always carry the same products then I would definitely try the Acure brand which is linked above.   
Favorite Accessory: Who What Wear Black Satchel.  I just bought a classic black satchel to take with me to the conference as well, and if it has a crossbody strap even better!

Favorite Must-Have: Bkr  water bottle or any water bottle. Anyone who knows me, knows I carry a water bottle with me every where I go.  Last year, when I carried my bottle around the conference everyone kept telling me "I should've brought a bottle too!" Never leave home without a refillable water bottle.  Especially at conferences where its go go go and staying hydrated is a must. 
Favorite Manicure: Kiss Gel Ready-to-Wear Nails.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned these before, but since I always get asked about them, here are they are. Whenever I do not have time to paint my own nails (ummm hello mom life) or no time to go to the nail salon, these nails are beautiful, they last me a long time and are only $8 bucks. 
Favorite Song of the Week: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham! This is Luna's next recital song so it has been on replay in our house.  

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