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Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring is officially here! What are you up to this weekend? This week has been so much better than last week.  Hopefully I can keep saying that week after week. Can you imagine if our weeks just kept getting better and better?! Let's make that happen. I caught up on work, cleaned the house, did some writing and got back on track with my healthy meals. This weekend I have my first eyelash extension refill and I think I'm addicted to having long lashes. I never accounted for all the time I'd save. I hope I don't regret it. Besides that bit of self-care, I desperately need to get some Spring cleaning done, and we are planning to give this restaurant a try.  What about are you up to this weekend? Here are this week's links... 

I am reading Making Work at Home Work and my favorite book we've been reading to Luna is If I had a Little Dream.

Do you guys like arugula? I absolutely love it. I can easily have it with every meal like this breakfast arugula salad.  Yum!

I've been wearing several pieces from the Who What Wear line at Target.  Their clothes are beautiful, the price is right and their large is actually a large! I'm thinking of creating a Spring capsule wardrobe like this one

A good podcast I've been listening to is Women Who Misbehave and playing the Chef: The Complete Soundtrack while I work. 

We are dreaming of getting away.  Luna keeps telling us she's dreaming of us at the beach.  Let's make it happen baby girl! 

I have been watching This is Us like everyone else, and I've been catching up on Marie Forleo

I signed up for Resistbot--it's a brilliant way of sending faxes via text to your representatives. Thanks for the suggestion Betsy Aimee!

Luna and I will be making this unicorn slime.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Ciao xo Lendy

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  1. I love your manicure in this photo!!

    The unicorn slime looks so fun. I think Luna will love it!