Manifest Your Best Self before you get there

Monday, April 24, 2017

The other day Luna said "Mom you're wearing that?" After seeing me in leggings all week, she was surprised I was wearing a frilly spring blouse on a day I was feeling sick.  So I replied, "Yes I am manifesting the way I want to feel. Do you know what that means?" Then Luna surprised me with "yeah like dancing." Between us, I was stunned she understood the concept.  I realized I always say  to her come on lets dance and get happy. If a four year old gets it, then we need to become masters of manifestation, manifesting mamas, manifesting warriors...okay you get it. 

I have been fighting off the ohhh poor me demons because I keep getting sick, my work-at-home job ended without notice (this is a whole other story) and my health & fitness goals have been derailed with no one to blame but myself. 

We all know its not easy to shake off bad seasons, especially for those of us who are worriers by nature, but when I heard Brooke Castillo say "be the person you think you would be if you were in that body you think will bring you peace," and "be the person you want to be before you have manifested the result." Seriously this was eye-opening.  

If we focus on waiting to be the person we want to be until the stars align, until we are in the perfect body or our dream job, then we are going to be waiting forever. If I were in my perfect scenario, I imagine I would be in a happier mood, I would wear beautiful clothes, have confidence, be an awesome role model to Luna and have energy galore. Well, why can't I be that person now? Instead of dwelling on where we want to be and waiting for it to happen, we can be that person now.  

The frilly Spring blouse helped perk me up on that awful sick day even without being in my perfect body or my dream job or at my best, and like Luna insinuated with her "yeah like dancing." We already have the ability to be the person we want to be even before conquering our goals.  I can be happy, I can wear pretty clothes, I can be confident and have energy.  I don't know why I keep waiting for Monday, waiting for my willpower to kick in or the scale to move.  

Moving forward you will find me over here manifesting my way to awesome Lendy. 

*In the photo above, it looks like I am so confident, but nope.  Pure manifestation! Haha! 

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