What's Home To You

Monday, October 16, 2017

One of my favorite quotes is from Mother Theresa, If you want to save the world go home and love your family.  I am digging into this especially now that there is so much going on around us.  No matter where you are, remember what home is to you.  These are a few of what is home to me. 
The scent of my mom’s favorite perfume (Amarige) and my dad’s go-to aftershave (Polo).
The sound of my daughter’s little feet running up & down the hallway in the mornings.
My husband’s arms.  
Eating a bowl of posole (even if it doesn’t taste like my mom’s).
When a special song comes on wherever I am.
Friends who make you feel like you are at the perfect place.  
When my mom ends our conversations with "I love you too much."
It's okay to hunker down and focus on the things that make you feel at home.  Wrap yourself in those moments.  This doesn't mean you are turning your cheek on the world.  It simply means you are reloading some strength to keep rising. 
What's home to you? 

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