Friday Favorites

Friday, November 10, 2017

What are you up to this weekend? Our weekend begins today since my husband is off for Veteran's Day, and Luna is still on sick-cation. My only plan for the weekend is to bundle us up and go have some juicy burgers.  I have been craving a burger ever since my 8-day fast came to an end.  Aside from the need for a burger, we will be playing Monopoly Jr. and Netflixing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Thank You to all the Veterans, here are this week's favorites. 

Favorite Quote: I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.-Susan Santog illustrated by Kate Stone Design.  I can't wait until our next adventure. 
Favorite Recipe: Flourless Keto Double Chocolate Cookies -via Peace Love and Low Carb. I'll be making these this weekend. 
Favorite Blouse: Black Velvet draped-sleeve blouse -via JcPenney. Velvet is all over the place and this blouse is a trendy way to add it to your wardrobe. 
Favorite Hair: 50 Shades of Burgundy -via The Right Hairstyles. I currently have my hair black, but I am missing my red tones.  Should I go back to it? Luna says yes! 
Favorite Tote: Personalized Tote -via Barrington Gifts. This is a more reasonably priced to that luxury bag trendy bag.  It would make a cute mom bag without breaking the bank.  
Favorite Lipstick: Revlon Black Cherry. This color goes a long way.  You can dab it on or build the color.   
Favorite Song of the Week: Havana by Camila Cabello.  The first time I heard this, I wasn't feeling it, and then it got me.