Did someone say Birthday presents?

Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm not going to lie--I love receiving presents (and of course giving them as well). And with my Birthday in a few days I can't help but think about birthday wishes! 

What would your dream birthday be like if you had no limits (and a babysitter)? Come on lets indulge. 

This year my dream birthday wish would go like this: 
My day would begin with my husband having the day off! Then the smell of hash-browns & eggs, birthday pancakes and coffee. A few fresh flowers and voila my first present--a Polaroid instant camera so I can add lots of pics to our family journal. The remainder of the morning would be to veg out just the three of us. 

Around lunchtime, get ourselves out the door and head to our local park. We would pick up healthy yummy snacks from Sunflower Drive-In and go sit under a tree while Luna lays in between us playing and enjoying being outside. At this moment, my husband would present me with my second gift from him & Luna--a necklace that represents both of them. 

Once we get home, my husband would announce that he has a surprise and tells me to get ready for a night out! He's asked a trusty friend to babysit and has made us a dinner reservation at The Kitchen. Once our dinner is winding down, my husband presents me with my third present (the best one of all!), he tells me he actually took a few more days off so I could get a break!  

After a fantastic dinner out, we'd arrive home to our beautiful daughter sound asleep with her arms up over her head. 
Oh what a wonderful Birthday wish! The amazing thing is I know my day will be awesome no matter what! And most likely a lot like the above minus the gifts (I have no idea) and well, The Kitchen (new baby = not in the budget, but someday)!

So from a new mom in her thirties point-of-view, the gifts I mentioned above would be awesome! Here are a few more gift ideas that I believe would be great for the woman in your life (be it your wife, mother or friend): 
And of course, I gotta add a techie gift just in case 
  • An iPad with all the bells & whistles! 
I would love to hear what your birthday wish(es) would be! 

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