Surviving the Mama Blues

Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's talk serious today, I have been M.I.A. because I have not been feeling emotionally well. I am currently working on getting back. Ever since having my daughter, so much of me has changed (my body, my mind and our life), and to top it off my hormones are still out of whack!  Also, I find myself missing my family and friends back home even more so! I felt that if I said anything I would be looked down upon. I especially did not want anyone to think I was resentful towards my daughter because that is certainly not the case. But I have never heard any woman openly discuss any of these type of issues so I fell into the stigma of "don't ask, don't tell" which in hindsight I find absolutely ridiculous. 

So many books warn you about postpartum depression or baby blues, but they should include stay-at-home mom depression! When moms get together we never talk about our feelings. All we talk about is our babies and everything that revolves around them. What about us? Are we just going to lose ourselves? No way! 

After hashing it out, I came to the conclusion that I needed more social interaction and to get out of the house! With the help of my husband, mom and close friend, I came up with a plan of action! 

For those of you that are going through something similar and/or just feeling down, I'd like to share what's helping me get through it. 
  • Weekly lunch dates with my husband. 
  • Talking to a family member and/or close friend.
  • I joined a moms group (Sierra Moms--you've been a lifesaver!). 
  • I got my hair done! Do something nice for yourself. 
  • Read a new book.  
Like in all aspects of my life, I've learned that I am not very spontaneous and I need a plan to tackle whatever challenge I am facing. I have also discovered that being a stay-at-home mom is HARD

Now that I am finally at a point where I can share my struggle with all of you, I would love to hear your stories and positive feedback! 

*Blue Skies by Karla Nolan 

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