It's time to Celebrate LOVE

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I really dislike LOVE haters! And therefore, people who hate on Valentine's Day are included! I love Valentine's Day! I know what all you haters are thinking...blah blah blah its just a "Hallmark" holiday, but why not see it in a positive way and for what it is, a day to celebrate Love! 

Even when I was single and all my attached/married girlfriends had their someone special, I was never a hater. For me, my first true valentine was my dad.  Every Valentine's Day he would come home from work with a bouquet of flowers for my mom and a little something for me.  

In my opinion, people need to be more affectionate, and as adults we need to teach our children about love, empathy and affection. What a better day to do that than on Valentine's day! 

Of course, like the naysayers, I do believe that love should be celebrated all the time, but we all know that is not everyone's reality. It is like the people who say Christmas is no longer about the true meaning, which I agree with, but it doesn't stop me from celebrating it.  It is more about celebrating the holidays the way you believe they should be celebrated! 

For me, Valentine's Day will be a day to send messages to all my friends and family and let them know they are loved on this day and always, my husband will be told a 100 more times how much I love him and I'll give him a little gift, and now our Luna will get to share the day with us and will definitely get lots of extra kisses!  

So on this day before Valentine's Day why not find it in your heart to celebrate the ones you Love (this doesn't have to be a boyfriend/husband/partner, what about your parents, your kids, your friends, your grandma or a kind stranger).   Believe me the smile and joy will be worth it! 

Here's a few ideas of ways to show your love:

  • An extra big hug & extra kisses
  • A cup of coffee and sweet treat (donut anyone?)
  • A handwritten note
  • A phone call (yes, remember those!)
  • Be a Valentine to a friend that you know is in need of a companion

Happy early Valentine's Day! XO


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