What's on your DVR?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I thought it would be fun to share what's on my DVR! After I typed out my list of shows, I was hesitant to share because its a long list, and I am not necessarily proud of my brain cell sucking shows!  So just to make myself feel better, I would like you all to know that I do not sit in front of the TV all day! I usually catch up on my recordings on Friday nights. Now that I've justified myself, here's my list of shows:

1. The Chew 

This show is a combination of silly humor and delicious food! With an unexpected cast. Chef Michael Symon cracks me up! And prior to this I was never a Mario Batali fan because I thought he was cocky, but in all honestly he can throw it down in the kitchen so he can definitely back it up! 

2. Shahs of Sunset

This is one of those ridiculous Bravo shows, but I can't help it...they had me at over-the-top bougie! Besides their crazy drama and bling, they are family-oriented, friends and movers & shakers. 

3. Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

This late night show never competes with the lame drama of Leno vs Kimmell vs Letterman vs Conan. Andy Cohen slips through the cracks and still manages to get great people on his show! I never watch the interviews with people I don't care for (best part of DVR you can hit delete), but he gets some truly great interviews!

4. Shark Tank 

The thinker/heart on my sleeve/brainy side loves this show! It's inspiring and gives many small business owners and inventors an opportunity that otherwise they would have never got. 

5. The Bachelor (1st time in awhile)

I am a little ashamed to admit this one, but I got sucked into the hype of latin guy used to play soccer, then quit when he became a father (a little like my husband)! This is a show that I love to hate, but still watch! Whenever I get around to catch up, I end up yelling at him or the girls! Especially after reading this post  where I learned that the woman are completely isolated from the world...which made me think, no wonder they are so loony and ga-ga over this guy! The show is a human experiment that is meant to make them look desperate. 

6. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (or Parts Unknown)

Last, but not least, I have always liked Anthony Bourdain because he has a funny sense of humor and really shows the reality of the countries he's visiting and their foods which I find amazing! One of my favorite episodes is when he travels to Madrid right after Spain won the World Cup.  

Now that I have divulged what's on my DVR, I would love to hear what's on yours. Please share your favorite shows with me! 

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