Mindful Monday: Finish What You Start

Monday, January 19, 2015

As you may recall last year I began my French language courses. By the end of summer/beginning of Fall, I got burned out. I fell behind and then became disconcerted, and eventually stopped going. I took about a 4 month hiatus. This was another reminder to myself of my lack for finishing what I start. 


In the back of my mind, I had been missing my French class (in part for the "me time" and social aspect), and of course the feeling of my brain waking up to learning something new. 

Recently, I received a call from a classmate, she left me a voice mail saying I was missed and it is time I come back. It was so thoughtful and I took it as a sign. It is time! 

The next day, I called to register and attended my first class last week. I am glad to be back. 

The moral of my story is that it feels good to follow through on what we started. And it doesn't hurt to have people in your life who hold you accountable. Here I thought nobody noticed I was gone, but I was wrong. 

Whitney English

If there is something you know you need to finish. Why not do it now!? I did not listen to my inner thoughts, but I got a reminder from a friend, and now I hope I am the reminder for you. This could be your year to finish what you started. 

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