Friday Favorites

Friday, January 23, 2015

It is Friday once again, and we made it through the week! Here are my favorites this week. 

Favorite Podcast: I am a podcast fanatic, and Invisibilia is one of my favorites! Take a listen. It is so interesting...

Favorite Stay-at-Home mom outfit: Below is all clothing I own and it is my go to outfit. I pair these black jeggings with this tee and these as slippers on days that we stay indoors all day. Then on play-date/outing days, I pair my black jeggings with a simple long-sleeve or quarter length tee, a cardigan (with pockets--this is key) and my Nike's (I have two pairs and highly recommend these).  I bust out my favorite booties and a pretty blouse for girls night or date night.  

Favorite Quote: "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." --EE Cummings. Well said. 

Favorite Home product(s): Candles. I used to light candles at night only, but lately I light a few candles in the late morning to burn throughout the day. It makes our home smell great, and it makes me feel more relaxed while Luna is running around. I am usually into a woodsy or clean scents, but I am heading to buy some of these so I could imagine being on vacation! 

Favorite meal this week: I forgot to take out protein for dinner--so some fried eggs on arugula salad with spices and Cholula--absolutely delicioso!

Favorite Moment: For those of you that follow me on Instagram/Facebook, I posted this video of Luna singing, and it made me so happy! Especially on a tiresome day...I needed a good laugh & smile. 

Tonight we are ordering sushi and catching up on Celebrity Apprentice (we are going strong on our no television Monday through Thursday). How are your goals/resolutions going?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!

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