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Friday, March 6, 2015

This week has been exhausting. It was the first time since having our daughter that my husband has been away for more than one night, and holy cow I managed! But I may be breaking my no wine rule today.  Kudos to all the single parents out there! 

This weekend is going to be busy for us.  We should be receiving our new sofa bed for our guest room as mentioned here, and I get to go shopping for a cocktail dress. After the week I had some retail therapy will be good.  

Now time for some Friday favorites to help start us out on a fabulous weekend!

Favorite accessory: Rose Gold Geo Stacked rings.  Forever 21 may not be the best quality, but you cannot go wrong with their cheap accessories.  I have been wearing these dainty stacked rings ever since I purchased them. So why not take those 5 bucks from the bottom of your purse and go buy yourself something!

Favorite Cocktail: Sangria. I have sunny weather on the brain, and this wine lover is looking forward to trying out this "best sangria recipe."

Favorite Toddler Toy/Distraction: Little Tikes Bounce House. Seriously though...this thing is amazing! We do not own one due to space, but our friends have one in their garage and all I can say is If you have littles and space for it, then I would  budget for this baby immediately! I may have convinced my husband that Luna needs one because it is great exercise (he's all for "exercise equipment")!

Favorite Spring/Summer Dress: Alexa Chung for AG Ruffle dress. This dress does not even look like it would be great for my body shape, but I don't care. I can imagine myself sitting out back with my husband while sipping on the aforementioned sangria while Luna jumps away in the aforementioned jumper! All woman need to feel good, a shoulder baring dress is where its at.

Favorite Mama moment: Dolce & Gabbana Viva La Mamma. This fashion campaign was all over the internet, and they had me at high fashion + mamas + babies/kids. Who cares if they are gorgeous models (this article says its a bad thing), at the end of the day they are moms too. Let's love the idea and move on. 

Favorite Quote: Dr. Seuss had a birthday this week, and well he always has great things to say...

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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