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Friday, April 10, 2015

This week must have been on turtle speed because I thought we would never make it to Friday. Tonight's plan is to relax, enjoy big bowls of spaghetti squash with chicken sausage, and catch up on some TV.  I am not sure what is on our DVR--hopefully something worth watching. Do you guys have any show recommendations? 

The remainder of the weekend we will be in search of patio furniture. I cannot wait to have another place to hang out with Luna.  I am totally late to the party in discovering that toddlers can live in the backyard. Duh! 

On Sunday we will be attending a Baptism and catching up with my husband's family. I am looking forward to having a nice weekend.   

Here are today's favorites:

Favorite Spring Dress: Old Navy Striped Tank Dress is perfect to dress up or down, and it is super comfy.   

Favorite Backyard inspo: Hot Tub!  I grew up with a hot tub in my backyard, and I have become obsessed with finding one on Craigslist, especially after reading this post. As a kid, our hot tub felt like a mini pool.  I would get to invite all my friends over for spa parties, and I have so many good memories. 

Favorite Quote: Cash is How I Roll-Dave Ramsey. We have become cash only budget nerds, and I think it is something to be proud of! So this quote is on point. 

Favorite Healthy trick: Broccoli Slaw has been part of my repertoire for awhile now, and these recipes are great. It is healthy, crunchy and yummy. Definitely worth a try!

Favorite Funny: Shoes Off  door mat made me laugh! I think I want it. 

Favorite Matchy-Matchy: Converse. I recently purchased white converse at Kohl's for Luna and I. I am certain she is going to go bonkers over us having the same shoes. 

Since I know you are as happy as I am that the weekend is here, lets make it outstanding!

Have a great weekend. 

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