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Friday, May 22, 2015

This week I have been on a natural high for whats to come! Tomorrow my dearest girlfriend is graduating from college, and I am so proud of her accomplishment.  We could not have chosen a better Nina (godmother) and role model for our daughter. 

On Sunday my little family and I are hitting the road.  We are heading to Southern California to spend time with my family.  My husband and I are planning to take advantage and sneaking off for one night. Gracias to mi Mama y Dad! 

I am so EXCITED to say the least! Let's get the celebration started with my Favorites this week:

Favorite Quote: Walk to the beat of your own drum! Great for everyone to keep in mind, and most importantly all you new graduates!

Favorite So. Cal Day Trip: Newport and Balboa Island (photo via Lovely Indeed). I am hoping I get to show my husband where I used to hang out. 
Favorite Mama-friendly Bathing Suit: Mara Hoffman Abstract Fronds Maillot. I love that this bathing suit only shows a little sliver of skin (and possibly the only skinny part on my body)!
Favorite Modern Homes: Chipicas Town Houses by Architect Alejandro Sanchez Garcia via Arch Daily. Lately I have been obsessed with modern homes. 
Favorite Book: The Little Spark by Carrie Bloomston. I am currently reading this book, and it does help ignite your creativity. 
Favorite Travel Tips with Kids: Busy basket via Flora & Fauna (whose blog I love). 
Congratulations Alma! We Love you! Here's a song for you and everyone because it is time to celebrate!

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