Tourist in my Town: SF Market & Huong Lan Sandwiches

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Last weekend I decided it was time to venture off our regular weekend adventures, and step outside the box.  Every weekend I try to make a more elaborate meal for us, but sometimes I get in a slump. I had been craving a mojarra (fried Mexican fish), but I did not want to have it fried. I looked up some inspiration, and voila we are grilling fish on our barbecue and eating outside Mediterranean style.

I had heard about SF Market, but had yet to go there.  For foodies this is a mecca of Asian food, artisan goods, and for us a field trip.

Our first duty was to feed the belly of a hangry toddler (don't let the photo fool you!).  We headed to Huong Lan Sandwiches.  My husband ordered a barbecue pork sandwich (not pictured), Luna had egg rolls and I had shrimp spring rolls and green salad.  All-in-all our lunch was great, and glad to know after the fact they have great reviews on Yelp.
After lunch we walked over to SF Market with our goal in mind which was to buy fresh fish for dinner.  Luna was excited to see all the "sharks," and lucky for us we did not have to explain to her.
After selecting our fish,Luna and I headed to the fun aisles (while my husband dealt with the fish purchase). 
I loved the kitchen aisle.  They had so many great pots,pans, tea sets and utensils. As always though, Luna made out with some goodies.  I could not resist the little Hello Kitty chopsticks. 
If you missed how I prepared our whole fish, here they are below and here. They are stuffed with fresh herbs, garlic, lemons slices, salt and pepper. I let them marinade and then my husband put them on the barbecue on low heat. Our meal was delicious. 
The three of us ended up having a fantastic day, and I was so glad I pushed us to step out of our comfort zone and continue to explore our surrounding areas. 

If you have been inspired to explore your own town, please let me know how its going or send me a message.  I would love to here all about it. 

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