Mindful Monday: An Okay Day is Okay

Monday, July 20, 2015

The other night I was working on my daily diary entry, and it asked How was your day? Without hesitation I thought my day was okay, and then I answered my own thought with and that's okay

I feel as though we often see people's embellished lives, and at times an influx of Have a Great Day messages which can cause us to feel disappointed if we do not have a great day or we aim to have a day worthy of posting onto our Instagram feed. 

This also works on the other end, wherein some people are quick to point out bad days. We pay more attention to the great days and bad days, and do not give much attention to all the days in between. 

We all want to have great, amazing, wonderful days, but it is okay if most days are just okay. I would much rather have an okay day instead of having a bad day. Can you imagine...If your month is filled with okay days, then at the end of it, you can easily say I had a great month! 
I hope this reminds you to be more mindful of all your days whether they are just okay, great or bad. If you are having a wonderful day, then good for you! If you are having a bad day, there is always tomorrow.  

If you are having just an okay day, then hey that's okay too! 

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