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Friday, July 17, 2015

Let me start off once again by sharing today is our wedding anniversary! In case you want to read my open letter to my husband here it is, and as so I am in a great mood! I hope my love transcends through this page and into your day as well. 

This weekend is full of surprises! I will say, I am hoping for a chill picnic in the Bay Area with my two loves and possibly some evening wine. 

Here are today's Friday Favorites (linked below) and of course the song of the day is an anniversary jam!
Favorite Tattoo Inspiration: So it goes tattoo is beautiful. 

Favorite Love Poem: Because of you...

Favorite Flats: Top Shop Pointed Red flats 

Favorite Season: FALL! I am dreaming of Fall, and this photo will be Luna & I!

Favorite push to do Yoga!: This Magic Carpet Yoga Mat.

Favorite Drink: Cold Brew Coffee is now being served at Starbucks!

Once again, Happy Anniversary to Us! I wish you all have a wonderful weekend. 

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