Motherhood: Preschool, now what?

Monday, August 8, 2016

After Labor Day, Luna will be a preschooler, and with this comes so many feelings. Its not only the fact that our baby girl is going to be under the supervision of someone other than my husband and I, but also thoughts of the future and whats to come.  It's crazy how every time our children reach new milestones, it also shakes things up for us as well.  

As most of you know, we only have Luna and we have no plans for another child. Therefore, as soon as I mention that she will be starting preschool soon, the next question I hear often is are you going back to work? I am certain that if we were trying for a second child or already had another one, this would probably not be asked of me.  The answer to the question is No

I love being a stay-at-home mom and wife because it makes me happy.  This doesn't mean its all posies and cotton candy, like some people assume a stay-at-home mom's life is, and most especially a stay-at-home mom of one child.  The irony is if I worked full-time then those same people would be saying "she needs to spend more time with Luna and her husband..." My responsibility is my family and not what others think I should do, and just because I only have one child does not mean my job is over.  

It is only preschool people, so chill. Now our Luna will have her own little social life, and I will have a few hours to my choosing.  I will not feel guilty about yet another thing.  Luna is super excited and all she does is talk about school, and I am going to follow suit and be excited for both of us. 

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