Motherhood: Children + Faith

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ever since Luna was born, my husband and I started the habit of praying before dinner.  It has become a wonderful habit, and when we forget, Luna is quick to remind us.  

Now she is attending preschool at a Catholic school, and I love that she has inspired us to have more faith.  I will be honest, I consider myself to be an open-minded Catholic and I have always felt more spiritual, than religious.  Though, I am beginning to understand the need for both in our lives.    
We've started bringing Luna along with us to Sunday mass (instead of taking turns attending mass on our own), and she really likes it.  

Life can be tough sometimes and being a mom, well that adds even more levels of worry and happiness. I am trying to choose faith over fear these days.  I am thankful my daughter reminds me to pray, to see the little joys and to have more faith that everything will be okay. 

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