I am as American as You

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I am a born and bred American with brown skin.  I have done it right. I was a good kid, and did right by my Mexican parents.  I was the first to graduate college and with honors. I studied political science and pre-law because I love the American government and its complexities.  I am married to a U.S. Veteran who also broke barriers in his family.  He was the first to graduate college and now has a great engineering career.  We are proud homeowners and make an effort to be a part of our community.  We are blessed parents to a three and a half year old, and are lucky she lives in her happy little bubble.  We eat tortillas, almond butter, apple pie, hummus and sushi. We represent what America is.  

With that being said, the tears are flowing inside me because I cannot ignore the feeling of "what have I done to you to garnish such hate?

I need a moment to take in what happened. Please do not misconstrue this as disrespect for the outcome.  I accept it, but it does not mean I understand it. For me, It is not about the politics, it is about the humanity.  

I am as American as You and what you told me on November 8th is you do not like me. You do not Mexican-Americans like me.  You do not like Mexicans.  You do not like Minorities.  You do not like Women. You do not like the people I love. You chose politics over humanity, and that is hard to take in. If I am completely wrong, maybe some of you Trump supporters will kindly help me understand how you looked past the hate and racism. Be open to me and I will listen. 

Even after all this, I have not lost hope.  I love this beautiful country of ours, and I have faith we will overcome this.  Let's do our part to move us along with love and grace. I vow to do my part by continuing to try to be a good human, a good citizen and proud of where I come from.  I will continue to break down stereotypes, and when they go low, I will go high. 


  1. I saw your comment on designmom and I came here to say I'm so glad you mentioned what it's like. How racist behavior happens in the most random places. It's not always loud and demonstrative. It's usually covert and cowardly, a whispered "chink" as they pass you in a store aisle. The dirty looks. The "Can you speak English" when they hear you speaking perfect English. Even my white husband is having trouble grasping how serious it is because he has never been the object of such scorn. I hope Trump supporters who claim not to be racist will speak up....but I have not seen it yet.

    1. Jean thank you so much for your comment. I hope so too and please know you're not alone!