Motherhood: The Birds + The Bees

Monday, January 30, 2017

I recently attended a class regarding tips on how to explain the birds and the bees to children.  To be honest, when the class options were given to us this class did not cross my mind.  I figured hey my kid is too little.  Well, I was wrong. There are many reasons why it is important to teach children early about their bodies and about sex. Some of the reasons are to help them know how to protect their bodies, to know what is appropriate and the importance of them learning about sex from us first. I left feeling like a warrior mom ready for battle. 

A few months back, I read Amazing You!: Getting Smart About Private Parts to Luna, and I caught myself skimming over it because I felt awkward.  She was fine about it and was mostly intrigued by knowing the names of the body parts. I was the one who felt inadequate which brings me to the next lesson. We need to face our experience with sex in order to avoid bringing our junk to the table. Now that I am armed with this new knowledge, the Amazing You book is coming back out, and I am going to order this book and this one.  

The hope is to avoid our daughter hearing about sex from someone else before we have spoken to her.  It is easy to think nah this won't happen to my baby, but in this day in age it can happen easier than you think.  Children are being exposed to sex a lot sooner with the misuse of technology, word of mouth, music and so much more. I don't know about you, but I want to be the one to educate my daughter about the beauty of life and our bodies. 

Here's how to talk to your littles about sex: 

1: Think back to your experience with sex. If necessary, don't be afraid to talk to a therapist or pastor for guidance. 
2: Arm yourself with information by reading books, ask questions and come up with a plan. 
3: Talk to your kids early on because it is best that they hear it from you. 
4: Teach them the anatomical terms for body parts. 
5: Help them feel normal about their body and about sex. There is no shame. 
6: Be ready and open to revisit the subject a few more times...

What are your thoughts on this? How soon did you talk to your children about their bodies and sex? 

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