Motherhood: Should we get a dog?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Our daughter goes nowhere, and I mean nowhere without her stuffed doggie.  Ever since she was a baby she has been obsessed with her dogs. I have been thinking could we handle a real dog?  On the Happier podcast Gretchen Rubin posed the question should I get a dog and posted several posts regarding their decision to get a dog.  I recall her mentioning how she knew if they got a dog, the dog would become her primary responsibility.  This is one of my trepidations in getting a dog.  These past few weeks Luna has been asking for a friend to play with and seeing all the adorable Christmas dogs is adding to the appeal of getting a dog. Just look at this mini goldendoodle and little Miles

I remember in one of my discussions with her pediatrician, she suggested we get Luna a dog since we decided she would be our only child.  When she suggested this, I kinda laughed it off, but at the same time, the idea has remained with me.  Luna hasn't asked for a dog yet, but I am starting to see that if we got her a dog they could easily become the best of buds.  Her only experience with a dog is when we visit her godmother's house and she gets to play with their beloved Coco.  It is the cutest thing to see her pet Coco softly and be totally intrigued.  Though,  I did ask her if we get a dog would she help clean the poop and her reaction was--no way!  

Even with that being said, a dog may be in our future, but it may have to wait a little longer until I wrap my head around it.  There's a lot to think about and I know I am the one who has to be all in

Did any of you recently add a dog to your family? Would you do it all over again? If you have any tips or suggestions to help with our decision, I would love to your feedback. 

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