Year in Review: 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

I recently watched this video on how to have the best year ever, and so I wanted to look back and relish at my 2016 wow moments.  Since the beginning of August, 2016 took some crazy turns, but taking this time to look back helped me realize this year was not half as bad as it seemed while I was living it.   Thanks for the memories 2016, and I am excited for 2017. 

January | The month of cold sunny days and great fitness. 
February | The month of Luna's 3rd Birthday & Love day 
March | The month of self-growth at the We All Grow Summit 
(you have to watch this clip of my airport reunion with Luna).
April | The month of we need a vacation, so lets take a few road trips to Muir Beach.
May | The month of celebrating Mother's around the world 
and discovering Luna Winery in Napa
June | The month of family vacation in South Lake Tahoe
July | The month of Los Angeles and Super Mamas!
August | The month of my birthday in Sausalito. 
September | The month of becoming a Preschool mom.
October | The month of trails, picnics at Clementine Lake 
November | The month of election reflection, Thanksgiving with my parents 
December | The month of never-ending celebrations with 

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