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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do you have memories of your childhood/life? Well let's just say my parents were not great historians, and neither were my in-laws! So my husband came up with a great idea to start a family journal where we can enter our day-to-day thoughts, events and use as a guestbook.  Yes, I said it was my husband's idea! He doesn't even need Pinterest like the rest of us! I realize we are already halfway through the year, but it is never too late (especially when you have a baby everything takes a little extra time).  

As soon as my husband gave me the idea..my brain was on wildfire! I loved the idea and could not wait to get started.  I have never been into scrap booking or even keeping a journal for myself, therefore, I wanted a journal that would be easy to do.  I purchased a hardback sketchbook, a few stickers, pack of markers, a date stamp and a few scrap booking card stock with family and day-to-day sayings.  I designed our cover using the cool card stock and mod podged it.  Voila!! 

In order to get us caught up (since we are almost in June) I printed some pics of stuff we've done in the past five months and that got us up-to-date.  Now we are ready to chronicle our lives as well as have something for Luna to look back on.  I feel like a kid at the candy store because I keep looking back at it already!

I realize there are so many online photo journaling options nowadays, but it is definitely not the same as creating your own tangible family memory book.  Plus, I barely get the chance to update my blog with having a baby!! So having our book on the counter is a great way to jot day our thoughts (peaks, pits, praises, etc.) and add some photos as well.  (I've added an instant camera to my wishlist (Polaroid-Z2300-Digital-Instant-Camera) so that I can add more pictures to our book without having to go back and print--let's be honest that takes forever!)

Coming from a person who has no baby pictures of myself...I suggest you find a way to hold onto the memories!! Share your ideas on how you chronicle your family's life.  

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