Sushi Fridays

Friday, May 24, 2013

Every Friday my husband and I have sushi for dinner.  We started this tradition last year during lent and have kept it going ever since.  The only time we had to make an exception to this rule was during my pregnancy (which felt like forever)! And of course, you always crave what you cannot have! 

Now that we are back in the grove of things and our daughter is on a schedule, we are back to sushi Fridays! We had to make it work for our new life which means I place our order and my husband picks it up.  In an effort to make it feel special a la date night style, I set the table and serve our go-to drinks.  Getting back to our sushi Fridays is a sign that "We" are still here!! It is so easy to get lost during the baby takeover! 

I would love to hear how you spend your Friday nights (especially if you have children).  Do you have a Friday/weekend tradition? 

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!! 

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