Mindful Monday: Creating Family Rituals

Monday, February 9, 2015

Let's talk family rituals and how important they are. 

Now that Luna is two, we are making an effort to create some family rituals. It is incredible how much kids take it all in. 

These are our current family rituals (not including our nightly bedtime ritual & daily reading--because I hope you are already doing that!):

Daily Walk

In the late afternoon, I take Luna on a walk.  I always say it is our adventure walk and she gets excited, even if all we do is walk around our neighborhood.  I try to point out all the leaves, birds, dogs, and rocks.  I make it a point to turn it into an adventure to find a new pretty rock.  I find rocks and then describe them to her in every way I think up.  Now we are starting to have a rock collection because every time we are out she brings back a rock. 

Daily Adventure Walks

We eat dinner together Monday through Thursday at the same time.  Before we begin to eat, my husband or I say a prayer giving thanks for our day, and end it with a big Amen! We try to give Luna whatever I make for dinner (on this day we had tilapia and broccoli, and she had brown rice with smooshed tilapia and broccoli and kept saying Chicken--it was a hit). Luna is getting so accustomed to our dinner ritual that she has begun to say Amen right along with us! 

High and Low

During dinner, my husband and I always say our high and low of our day, and I am looking forward to including Luna on this one once she is ready. 

Dance Sessions

I am the queen of dance sessions! As a stay-at-home mom, dance sessions are a saving grace! When Luna is starting to get fussy, I know it is time. I will say out loud "its music dance time," and she knows what is about to happen.  My suggestion is do not expect them to do it on their own! Luna loves it when I dance around and I will not hesitate to put on a full montage if the song is one of my favorites.   

Weekly Lunch date/outing

Once a week Luna and I meet my husband for lunch.  It is usually on Thursday, and our usual spot is Whole Foods.  Having our lunch dates at Whole Foods is so much fun! My husband and I make ourselves bangin' salads and Luna gets to try something new.  During our last lunch date, she had Indian samosas and loved them! It doesn't hurt that i also get to grab any needed groceries while we are there. 

Weekly Lunch date at Whole Foods
Weekend Library Trip

About once a month, we go to the library as a family.  Luna loves to play in the kids area with my husband and I am in charge of picking out new books for all of us.  Afterwards we take a walk around the library or take a ride on the little train.

Train ride outside of the Folsom Library

There are so many reasons why it is important to create rituals/routines. As one doctor was quoted in the Huffington Post
"Routines create safety in the minds of children, and the present younger generation, which knows so much external uncertainty and fear, certainly needs to know and feel safety."
In Creating Your Own Family Rituals by Gordon Simmons he indicates the rituals you create need to fit your family. You'll do best if you keep things simple and tailored to your family's lifestyle. 
"A misconception about establishing family rituals is that there must be a big time commitment. This is simply not the case. Ten minutes a night reading to your daughter before bed is one ritual you may wish to consider." 
I hope this inspires you to create a new family ritual or bring one back that you haven't done in a long time. Just remember--consistency is key!  

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