Mindful Monday: Just say HELLO!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Even though I am an introvert, I am the type of person who smiles and says hello to strangers. Once in awhile, I even go as far as striking up a conversation with a stranger, and they usually end up reciprocating (some more than others).  I will admit its rare when strangers strike up conversation with me or simply say hello. 

Recently, while I was shopping for a new purse, a friendly woman complemented my outfit and the purse I was trying on.  It was the perfect icebreaker. We proceeded to have a conversation about purses, motherhood and our kids. It was so nice and easygoing. When I got home, I was telling my husband about the nice woman and how great it felt that she chose to talk to me. I was feeling a little gloomy that particular day, and our conversation brightened up the rest of my day. In that moment, I thought people, including myself should say hello more often. 

Why do people not say hello anymore? Or strike up conversations? Is it becoming a lost art? I hope not. I feel as though some people have a hard time going outside themselves to say hello--and I hope this is a reminder.  A hello may brighten a person's day, and your own.
Are you a Hello kind of person? If yes, are you naturally extroverted? If no, what stops you? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

(Photo by http://lovegreater.org/stories/never-too-late/)

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