Friday Favorites (Birthday Edition)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Today is my birthday! In case you are wondering how young I turn today, check out this post. 
This week I was spoiled by my parents and husband, and now its time for vacation. We are heading out on our adventure up to Oregon.  We are so excited!

Here are today's Friday Favorites and a little Birthday song. 

Favorite Birthday Quote: All I need is love, books, coffee, flowers & the moon.
 Favorite Birthday Treat: Blue Star Donuts and Coffee (I'll be there soon!)
Favorite Birthday Splurge: Céline micro, but lets be real I'd rather pay for this one
Favorite Birthday Flowers: Monthly subscription from Flower Muse count me in!
 Favorite Birthday Jewels: Catbird anything!
Favorite Birthday Kicks: Nike Air Zoom Elite. Running in style is important!
Favorite Tattoo: Little Moon...I want you. 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Wish us luck on the road.

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