Friday Favorites

Friday, January 13, 2017

What are you up to this weekend? I am excited that we are supposed to have a rain-free weekend, so I am hoping we can get outside. Of course, I have things that need to be done like Kondo cleaning my closet, but that does not sound as appealing as a walk along the river with my little family.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: "Where focus goes energy flows" Tony Robbins -via Just Apri #wisewords. This serves as a great reminder to focus our energy on the important stuff. 
Favorite Manicure: Lilac Edgy Moons -via So Nailicious.  Spring isn't here yet, but I am feeling this lilac color. Pretty right?!
Favorite DIY: Natural Room Freshener -via A Beautiful Mess.  I use a rose spray to freshen up our home and especially Luna's room because natural sprays are hard to come buy or they're pricey.  This is the perfect alternative. 
Favorite Fun: West is Best Map -via Pinterest.  I was researching and pinning for our big summer vacation, and ran into this map.  Love it!  We will be traveling somewhere not to far, but new to us and I can't wait!

Favorite Outfit: Floral Wrap Dress -via Nordstrom.  I still have floral maxi dresses on the mind.  I can't wait until my mom comes up so that we can go shopping together. 
Favorite Cake: Rose Buttercream -via PoppyTalk.  Luna's birthday is around the corner and I know she would love this!  Her favorite colors (like most toddler girl's) has become purple and pink. 
Favorite Song of the Week: Dream A Little Dream of Me by Robbie Williams.  I forgot about this little gem, and recently added it to Luna's bedtime playlist.  

The Art of Diversion

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I am an over thinker by nature, and every time I make an error in judgement, over speak or make a simple mistake whether personally or professionally, I mull it over and over in my head. I have read several recommendations like questioning whether the situation will affect me in the long run. I find questioning myself makes matters worse. The questioning will quickly turn into a spiral of what-ifs.

My best tool to fight off an over-thinking attack is diversion. I realize if it works like magic for kids, then we should take note. When Luna is upset over some random thing like the glitter glue taking forever to dry, the best thing to do is divert her attention to something else. On most occasions, this works like magic.

I have learned the art of diversion works for me as well. My favorite diversions are kitchen dancing with Luna or doing whatever silly thing she requests of me, rearranging a room, listening and dancing to salsa music with my husband, going for a scenic drive and listening to funny podcasts (Unqualified or Writing Class Audio Ep. 23).

After I divert my thinking and say I am sorry when warranted, focusing my energy on things that bring me joy, helps me realize I am human and I make mistakes. The diversion reminds me, there are too many important things to be grateful for.

Do you have any tips to fight off over-thinking? I would love to hear them.

Friday Favorites

Friday, January 6, 2017

What are you up to this first weekend of January 2017? This week has been tiring! Getting back to our routine, as well as, being more diligent with my time is actually exhausting! Haha! Luckily this weekend it is going to rain cats and dogs, so cuddle time with my two favorite people will be my top priority.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Quote: Think Big, Pray Big, Expect Big -via yours truly 

Favorite Outfit: Floral Maxi Dress -via LuLu's.  According to the Spring 2017 trends, florals will be back as always, and I have my eye on this dress.  
Favorite Mom Tip: 17 Reasons to Love Chatbooks -via Snap Happy Mom. This is not sponsored, nor did Chatbooks new commercial get me, though its hilarious! Its time I get our photos organized and printed. 
Favorite Book: Grace not Perfection -via Emily Ley.  I mentioned that my husband bought me a Simplified Planner which is also by Emily, and he bought me her book which I am currently delving into. 
Favorite Netflix Obsession: Mr. Bob Ross is on Netflix, and as I mentioned here my husband and daughter are obsessed with him.   
Favorite Beauty: Lipstick in the color Cherry Picking -via Wet n Wild.  Alure was right, it is a great color! 
Favorite Song of the Week: Everything is Awesome! Luna sings this addicting tune all the time, and its actually a great anthem.  I just ordered this Everything is Awesome wall art as an engineer print and can't wait to pick it up. 

Lendy Lately

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I don't know about you, but I am happy to have said adios to 2016. I have faith 2017 is going to be an even better year.  The holidays and extra indulgences are behind us, and now it is time to return to our regular scheduled programming with some upgrades I hope. Here's what I have been up to lately...

My husband and I had our meeting to discuss our individual goals and family goals for 2017, and I already added several entries in my new Simplified Planner

I have been wearing this super soft embroidered blouse.  Every time I go buy socks and basics for my husband at JCPenney, I forget they have some good finds.  Remember this dress!

I have been making omelets similar to these microwave egg white omelets, especially on the days when I feel hungry for a little extra. Try adding a dash of my favorite menudo mix and then top it with Cholula. 

I have been listening to this Writing Class Audio podcast.  It is different than what I normally listen to, but I am enjoying the writing prompts and stories they share. 

This year my husband and I want to make better use of our home office so we moved some furniture around and reorganized a bit.  I found these Martha Stewart zipper pouches for sale at Staples which I plan to use for all our odds and ends and I bought these color coding labels.  I also reorganized our Ikea Art Cart which we also keep in the office and it will be much easier for Luna to use. 

Motherhood: Should we get a dog?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Our daughter goes nowhere, and I mean nowhere without her stuffed doggie.  Ever since she was a baby she has been obsessed with her dogs. I have been thinking could we handle a real dog?  On the Happier podcast Gretchen Rubin posed the question should I get a dog and posted several posts regarding their decision to get a dog.  I recall her mentioning how she knew if they got a dog, the dog would become her primary responsibility.  This is one of my trepidations in getting a dog.  These past few weeks Luna has been asking for a friend to play with and seeing all the adorable Christmas dogs is adding to the appeal of getting a dog. Just look at this mini goldendoodle and little Miles

I remember in one of my discussions with her pediatrician, she suggested we get Luna a dog since we decided she would be our only child.  When she suggested this, I kinda laughed it off, but at the same time, the idea has remained with me.  Luna hasn't asked for a dog yet, but I am starting to see that if we got her a dog they could easily become the best of buds.  Her only experience with a dog is when we visit her godmother's house and she gets to play with their beloved Coco.  It is the cutest thing to see her pet Coco softly and be totally intrigued.  Though,  I did ask her if we get a dog would she help clean the poop and her reaction was--no way!  

Even with that being said, a dog may be in our future, but it may have to wait a little longer until I wrap my head around it.  There's a lot to think about and I know I am the one who has to be all in

Did any of you recently add a dog to your family? Would you do it all over again? If you have any tips or suggestions to help with our decision, I would love to your feedback. 

Year in Review: 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

I recently watched this video on how to have the best year ever, and so I wanted to look back and relish at my 2016 wow moments.  Since the beginning of August, 2016 took some crazy turns, but taking this time to look back helped me realize this year was not half as bad as it seemed while I was living it.   Thanks for the memories 2016, and I am excited for 2017. 

January | The month of cold sunny days and great fitness. 
February | The month of Luna's 3rd Birthday & Love day 
March | The month of self-growth at the We All Grow Summit 
(you have to watch this clip of my airport reunion with Luna).
April | The month of we need a vacation, so lets take a few road trips to Muir Beach.
May | The month of celebrating Mother's around the world 
and discovering Luna Winery in Napa
June | The month of family vacation in South Lake Tahoe
July | The month of Los Angeles and Super Mamas!
August | The month of my birthday in Sausalito. 
September | The month of becoming a Preschool mom.
October | The month of trails, picnics at Clementine Lake 
November | The month of election reflection, Thanksgiving with my parents 
December | The month of never-ending celebrations with 

Lendy Lately

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I can't believe Christmas is over and done with.  We have been taking advantage that we are feeling better, and having little outings every day.  Mostly several trips to the library and having fun spending our Christmas money.  Here's what else I have been up to lately...

I got the book Grace, Not Perfection for Christmas, and I am really enjoying it.  If you liked Present Over Perfect then you will like Emily's book too. 

We have been having lots of fun with this boogie board we bought for Luna, and its not for the water use!

I am back to eating paleo and refocusing on my health so that I can begin 2017 on a strong footing.  This has been my favorite easy meal.  

I have been obsessing over these mini golden doodles, and hoping to someday convince my husband that we are dog people after all, and our only daughter needs a buddy like this little girl

I have been listening to my Salsa spotify playlist on replay because it never fails to make me happy.  Salsa brings back so many happy memories and now its even sweeter to hear Luna sing along to Vivir Mi Vida is everything.