Motherhood: Winter Plan + Leaf Crowns

Monday, November 23, 2015

I recently read this mom's winter plan, and got on board. My plan is to get Luna and I outside as much as possible this fall and winter.  Admittedly, we did not get outside very much during summer because the heat is not my friend. Fall and winter are my time to shine, and I am looking forward to our outdoor adventures.  

Luna and I bundled up because even though the sun was shining it was cold and windy. I told her we were going to gather leaves, and we would make something fun. Of course, she loved this idea.  

I threw together a quick craft session by cutting strips of card stock, whatever shiny stickers I could find and a glue stick. We made leaf crowns which turned out a lot cuter than I expected.  Hint: These crowns would be perfect to keep kids entertained on Thanksgiving, and they could wear them at the table. How cute would that be! 

What are your winter plans? Any tips on staying warm? I will say this, our Hunter boots are the best winter investment ever! 

Friday Favorites

Friday, November 20, 2015

What are your plans this weekend? We are planning to go to the Mandarin Festival, and we definitely need to take a trip to the grocery store. Isn't it crazy when the whole family gets colds, the house goes belly up! I'm so glad we are feeling better. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, stay healthy and here are this week's favorites...

Favorite Christmas Decor: Alphabet Christmas Tree via Little Inspiration. I love this idea for Luna's play room. 
Favorite Famous BFF: Adele hands down (photo via Vogue). I am sure you all heard Hello, and here's her new song When we were young. Her voice, her makeup, her realness and a mama...I'm ready to hand over half my BFF heart! 
Favorite DIY: Marble Phone Case via Lion Lion Bazaar. I know some DIY's are not as easy as they seem, but this one is doable. 
Favorite Cookies: Low Carb Snowball Cookies via All Day I Dream About Food. These healthy snowballs are on the top of my list for Santa's cookies. 
Favorite Manicure: Sweater Nails via FendtheTrend. Check out the #sweaternails hashtag its all over Instagram. 
Now its time for a Friday flashdance! If you're not a dancer, hopefully Snoopy makes you smile as much as me. 

Tuesday Tip: Act like a Ballerina

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Today's tip is to act like a ballerina. 

Ballerinas make their moves look graceful, even though it takes a tremendous amount of strength, precision and dedication. 

There are moments in life when we want to go hard or go home, but its okay to take your time and do things with grace and precision. It takes a higher level of skill to master something and make it look easy.
Ballerina photo via and Gorilla illustrated by Aad Goudappel via Workbook

Friday Favorites

Friday, November 13, 2015

What are your plans this weekend?  We had a busy week and on top of that all three of us have been sick.  I currently smell like vapor rub and attempting to think through my NyQuil daze.  Therefore, as you can imagine, our weekend plan is to get healthy with lots of rest and Netflix. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites.  

Favorite Collection: Brooch collection via Miss Imogen Smith. I was given a few brooches, and I want to start collecting them for Luna and I. This is also a beautiful collection. 
Favorite to Wear: A pink cozy sweater would be a pretty on those rainy dreary days when you have to shake of the blah's. 
Favorite Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury KISSING Lipstick.  I am a red lip girl all the way, but on days when I am casually out with my daughter a nice pink shade wins. 
Favorite Drink: Atole de Fresa (Spanish recipe). This warm sweet strawberry atole (English recipe) reminds me of my mom, and its definitely a holiday treat. 
Favorite Decor: Three Piece Copper Candlestick Set is beautiful.  Lighting candles at the dinner table (even while our Luna is asleep) makes our in-home date nights that much more special. 

Sick days are a viable excuse to watch movies more than usual, and PG dance movies are the way to go (much better than watching Super Why or Tinkerbell). Our movie of choice has been Footloose...come on you know you like it! And proof that Luna loves it too!

Friday Favorites

Friday, November 6, 2015

What are you up to this weekend?  We are looking forward to having my in-laws over and taking them to Luna's dance class (she's going to love it!).  Sunday we will be relaxing, and since the weather has cooled down I think I'll make cioppino in my slow cooker. Have an awesome weekend, and here are this week's favorites.

Favorite Fall Accessory: Navy hat with gold detail via Refinery 29
Favorite Netflix Show: The Killing (Illustration via This show is my current addiction!
Favorite Nail Polish: Smith & Cult - Kings & Thieves nail polish. I cannot wait try out these nail polishes and this dark blue looks gorgeous. 
Favorite Home Decor: Blues & brown tones in Nicolette Johnson's apartment are envy-worthy!
Favorite Ballerina-Inspired: Turtleneck bodysuit. As I mentioned last week, I am a fan of a turtleneck during winter, and this bodysuit would be great with high-waisted jeans or a mid-length skirt. 
Lastly, lets go Back in Time with Pitbull because he always pumps up my workouts!

Tuesday Tip: One Thing at a Time

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Today's tip is to try to do one thing at a time

I realize we are in an era of multi-tasking, but honestly sometimes it is too much. Nowadays, we can shop online while the TV is on while we are sending a text message and helping with homework. 

There are days when I do so much multi-tasking I feel super accomplished, and then there are days where I can't settle my concentration on one thing.  

Instead of doing a little of many things at the same time, doing them one at a time is more efficient and more enjoyable. 
Next time you are in the passenger seat try not to look at your phone for the whole duration of the trip. Simply sit back and enjoy the ride!  

Friday Favorites

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween! What are you up to this weekend? We are planning on taking Luna trick-or-treating for the first time.  I chose the easiest cute costume ever, and of course she loved it even more because we were twins.  After the Halloween fun, don't forget to move your clocks back. Have a wonderful weekend, and here are this week's favorites.

Favorite Quote: Thinking "Here Goes Nothing" Could be the start of everything - Drew Wagner.  I recently took up running, and have definitely had to repeat this to myself! 
Favorite Shoes: Ballet Black Suede Lace-Up Flats are cute and these are great too both under $30!
Favorite DIY: Moon & Stars Pumpkin 
Favorite Fall Top: Black Turtleneck. I think some woman are turtleneck people and some just aren't into it! I am pro-turtleneck. Since Fall has been holding back on us, I am now ready for winter!
Favorite Toddler Book: Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! Luna loves all the Pigeon books and mom & dad enjoy them too.  
Favorite Treat: Halloween Donuts via Sophia Mya Cupcakes. These would be a great treat for Luna tomorrow morning! Its great that Halloween is on a Saturday this year. 
Favorite Song of the day: Thriller baby!