Watermelon Pineapple Paletas

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's #paletaweek over on Lola's Cocina and a bunch of us have come together to fill your feeds with deliciousness, and I am checking it off my 20 Things to Do in Summer.  These watermelon pineapple paletas were inspired by my husband's agua fresca, and I promise they will not disappoint. 

1/4 of a large watermelon chopped
1/2 of a pineapple chopped 
1 cup lemonade or water
*sweeten if necessary

1. Chop up all your fruit. Also, finely chop some extra pineapple and set aside.  This will be used as the first layer of your paleta. 

2. Add watermelon, pineapple and 1 cup of lemonade to the blender and blend. I like the watermelon flavor to be more prevalent, so added a little more watermelon as needed. *You can also add any sweetner of your choose. 

3. Spoon in the finely chopped pineapple you set aside into the molds.  Then place them in the freezer in order for the first layer to set. 

4.  Once the first layer of pineapple has hardened take the molds out of the freezer and pour in your watermelon pineapple mixture. Then put them back in the freezer for a few hours. 

5. Once the paletas are ready you can leave them on the counter for a few mins or run the molds under warm water to get them out. 

Now all you have to do is enjoy the taste of summer! 

20 Things to Do this Summer

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

As many of you know, Summer is not my jam, but since becoming a mom I have had to embrace it (kinda), and in an effort to place a positive spin on the inevitable heatwave, I put together a summer to-do list:

1 Lake Tahoe 

2 Inflatable pool fun

3 Escape the heat in San Francisco

4 Go on a long bike ride 

5 Outdoor movie 

6  Beals Point at Folsom Lake 

7 All-American grill out with good ol' hamburgers & hot dogs 

8 Berkeley Kite Festival 

9 Run in the sprinklers with Luna 

10 Backyard date night

11 Early morning run & catch the sunrise 

12 Make paletas

13 Avila Beach and stay here 

14 Picnic in the park

15 Go to the Fair 

16 Lemonade stand with Luna 

17 Go on a boat ride 

18 Invite friends over for a carne asada

19 Glamping at Inn Town Campground 

20 Visit one of these 15 gorgeous Northern California beaches

Tilden Park - Hike & Steam Trains

Monday, June 5, 2017

We recently went for a hike in Tilden Park and rode the steam trains.  There is so much to explore at this park which also has a lake and a merry-go-round and is just over the hill from Berkeley. You can make a whole day of it or spend the latter part of the day in Berkeley.  We  packed snacks and lunch and then enjoyed dinner in Berkeley before heading home.  If it was up to Luna we would still be there! She loved it. It really is a magical gem here in Northern California.  Take a look at some of the views...

#MomTip: Email Your Kids

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recently I shared a #mom-tip on my Insta-stories about my weekly emails to Luna, and several mommies loved the idea.  I know there are so many great tips out there, but if you are like me, I need tips to actually follow-through on the tips. Ha! I may not be the mom who scrapbooks or prints off my gazillion iPhone photos, but I am becoming a darn good email historian.  

Here's what you gotta do:

*Create an email account for your child. Choose an email that will transcend so that they can use the email account when they are old enough.  

*Pass the email address along to grandparents and aunts/uncles.  My dad emails Luna too and I think it's the cutest thing. 

*Schedule an ongoing weekly reminder.  I have my reminder set for every Sunday evening. 

*Write them about the good, bad and everything in between.  
*Send them some of the photos that didn't make it on your Instagram.

*Besides the weekly email, send random emails too. When they do something totally funny or crazy.  
*My final suggestion *drumroll please* scan handwritten letters, notes and tidbits and email those as well.  If you don't want to hassle with a scanner, use the Evernote app.

Okay, like I said above, I know there are a million tips out there on what we should do and not do.  Don't stress out over this.  The good thing is you can email as little or as much as you want right from your phone! I am wordy so this works for me.  

Hope this tip helps! 

xo Lendy 

Mid-Week Stretch & Self-Love

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I took this photo earlier today when I was stretching after completing 8 miles so far this week.  Let me tell you running, jogging...shoot merely moving is not easy with extra weight, and to top it off having your mind play tricks on you. It is no joke. But I put the spandex back on and laced up my Nikes. 

After this post, I know several of my friends and family will give me the thumbs up and maybe even some compliments on getting it done which is awesome.  The only thing is I know that no amount of compliments or thumbs ups will change how I perceive myself on the inside, but wouldn't it be awesome if it worked?! If only every compliment made us stronger and would chip away at our own self-hate. The only person that can change the way I perceive myself is me.  I am learning to live fully and love my current state because I am grateful for these strong legs that get me through my day.  

Today stop and do some mid-week stretches and show yourself some love.  Do not wait for the kudos, the compliments or refresh for the thumbs up.  Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel great. 

xo Lendy

Manifest Your Best Self before you get there

Monday, April 24, 2017

The other day Luna said "Mom you're wearing that?" After seeing me in leggings all week, she was surprised I was wearing a frilly spring blouse on a day I was feeling sick.  So I replied, "Yes I am manifesting the way I want to feel. Do you know what that means?" Then Luna surprised me with "yeah like dancing." Between us, I was stunned she understood the concept.  I realized I always say  to her come on lets dance and get happy. If a four year old gets it, then we need to become masters of manifestation, manifesting mamas, manifesting warriors...okay you get it. 

I have been fighting off the ohhh poor me demons because I keep getting sick, my work-at-home job ended without notice (this is a whole other story) and my health & fitness goals have been derailed with no one to blame but myself. 

We all know its not easy to shake off bad seasons, especially for those of us who are worriers by nature, but when I heard Brooke Castillo say "be the person you think you would be if you were in that body you think will bring you peace," and "be the person you want to be before you have manifested the result." Seriously this was eye-opening.  

If we focus on waiting to be the person we want to be until the stars align, until we are in the perfect body or our dream job, then we are going to be waiting forever. If I were in my perfect scenario, I imagine I would be in a happier mood, I would wear beautiful clothes, have confidence, be an awesome role model to Luna and have energy galore. Well, why can't I be that person now? Instead of dwelling on where we want to be and waiting for it to happen, we can be that person now.  

The frilly Spring blouse helped perk me up on that awful sick day even without being in my perfect body or my dream job or at my best, and like Luna insinuated with her "yeah like dancing." We already have the ability to be the person we want to be even before conquering our goals.  I can be happy, I can wear pretty clothes, I can be confident and have energy.  I don't know why I keep waiting for Monday, waiting for my willpower to kick in or the scale to move.  

Moving forward you will find me over here manifesting my way to awesome Lendy. 

*In the photo above, it looks like I am so confident, but nope.  Pure manifestation! Haha! 

Lendy Lately

Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Friday! Eww wee it's been a long two weeks.  As I mentioned here, my family and I have been sick.  Luna began the domino effect and then took my husband and I down with her.  It's crazy what a little one can bring home from preschool?! I am still not above water, but hopefully soon.  I plan to use the weekend to rest off the remainder of this yucky virus.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, here's what I've been doing, listening, reading and dreaming about lately...

It's legit---parents with young children get sick more often sorry to break it to all my fellow parents of preschoolers.   I would suggest you order this herbal resistance liquid pronto!

I've been binge-listening to The Lively Show, and this episode with Brooke Castillo is fantastic.  She said so many golden nuggets, like "be the person you want to be before you have manifested the result." 

I am thinking of trying jazzercise, especially after reading I tried Jazzercise for 6 months and here are her results.  I follow Sarah and every time she writes about jazzercise I find myself googling my local spot. Would you try Jazzerise? 

Awww maybe Juicero isn't worth the hype.  I think I'd still give it a try. When I become a latina Oprah--I will have a Juicero and unlimited pouches of dreamy green juice available to me at a squeeze. Don't judge!   

Mother's day is around the corner and I promise you any mom in your life would appreciate beautiful personalized jewelry.  My favorites are this one and this one

I totally believe we feel better when we dress up and manifest our way to a good mood. So why not add a few Spring/Summer items like these floral vans, a new jean dress and a pair huaraches?! Of course I need to get rid of a few things first...

xo Lendy